Attractive Healthcare Options for Millennials

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Our world is packed with empowered, tech-driven young people who seek modern, efficient processes in every realm of life, including healthcare. Technology is altering the healthcare industry by shifting the focus to affordable, convenient, and remote individualized care — options that are appealing to the growing Millennial generation that is spearheading the U.S. workforce. Millennials are more easily frustrated than previous generations by services that require a phone call, a lengthy commute, and/or a lengthy wait in an office.

Canopy Health understands how to attract and engage your clients and their patients amid the ever-changing healthcare industry. Our network provides modern, thorough healthcare that is refreshingly clear for all generations.

What the Millennial Generation Is Looking for in Healthcare

A ZocDoc study found 93 percent of Millennials are not scheduling preventive doctor visits, and 43 percent of polled individuals find it more convenient to self-diagnose through the internet than make an appointment with a physician. These statistics make it clear that adaptation is key to feeding the rising demand of rapid and cost-effective healthcare services. Canopy Health is committed to providing attractive healthcare options and solutions that prioritize everyone’s needs.

Convenient Care

Canopy Health’s ever-expanding healthcare network is convenient for your clients and their families. Our network consists of several reputable partner IPAs and networks providing care at dozens of hospitals and care centers, which makes it easy to receive care wherever you live, work, or play! And if your employees and their families require specialty care, they can receive a referral from the primary care physician of their choice.


Younger people desire immediate, hassle-free contact with a knowledgeable physician who can provide answers to their questions. Trends show Millennials’ reluctance to scheduling preventive office visits due to the rising costs of care and the time dedicated to waiting and transportation. Especially for common prescription refills and late-night concerns, remote care solves major problems for both the hospital and the patient.

Telehealth is an emerging component to our changing healthcare system that increases accessibility and patient health outcomes, while reducing healthcare costs. Our healthcare provider partners are working to integrate telehealth options so doctors can meet their patients wherever they are at any time — day or night.


Canopy Health is listening to your clients’ opinions and needs. With options related to telehealth, Canopy Health will continue to increase engagement and convenient access to care in 2018 and beyond. Digital applications and portals are being developed to allow patients to interact with their health and wellness. For example, educational notifications, appointment reminders, receiving answers to questions, and personalized summaries and treatment plans that will enhance your clients’ healthcare experience.


Through our transparency efforts and our expansive network, your clients have options. Our integrated network will soon provide clarity of costs through the transparency tools we are currently developing, and diverse plans are now available through reputable insurance company partners allowing members to access great care at the right price.

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