Canopy Health Is Partnering with Respected Insurance Carriers for 2017-18 Open Enrollment

Learn more about the plans being offered through our carrier partners during Open Enrollment 2017-18 with access to the Canopy Health network
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Open Enrollment

We are excited about the small and large group health insurance plans that our carrier partners are offering to Bay Area employers and their employees for this year’s Open Enrollment period!

These plans allow our members to get excellent care and coverage in numerous counties throughout our expansive service network. Members simply need to:

  1. Pick one of the following plans offered by any of our insurance carriers.
           a.      For HealthNet, please choose SmartCare.
           b.      For UnitedHealthcare, please choose SignatureValue Advantage.
  2. Choose a primary care physician within the Canopy Health alliance of caregivers.
  3. Then, if necessary, receive a referral to seek specialty care from our extensive network of specialists.

Please keep reading to learn more about our carrier partners, and call us at 888-8-CANOPY with any questions about our network or how we can help improve your company’s health benefits packages.

Health Net

The Health Net SmartCare plan is a valuable insurance product for California large group employers and their employees. These plans are affordable and focus on great quality with sound benefits.

  • Community-Based Networks ─ Consumers can access the Canopy Health network by purchasing a Health Net SmartCare plan.
  • Affordability ─ SmartCare provides simpler, more cost-effective plan choices with varied designs. Employers can also offer other Health Net plans in addition to SmartCare.
  • Employee Satisfaction ─ Employees will receive benefits that make them feel valued, support their well-being, and increase their productivity at work.


Beginning September 1, 2017, UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Advantage plans for small and large group employers include the Canopy Health network of Bay Area hospitals and providers. UnitedHealthcare knows your employees are your single greatest investment. Providing them with health insurance benefits packages is an integral part of recruiting great new talent and keeping your employees productive and excited about their jobs.

Choosing the right plans and making sense of the complex healthcare industry can be difficult, but UnitedHealthcare is here to help. Their plans help employers save money while also maintaining employee satisfaction and improving their overall health and well-being. Please contact UnitedHealthcare today by visiting their website or call Canopy Health at 888-8-CANOPY, and we will put you in touch with a helpful broker or UnitedHealthcare representative.

Their mission is to provide an affordable, high-quality alternative to for-profit health insurance plans and HMOs, such as Canopy Health. To learn more about the health plans being offered through Western Health Advantage with access to the Canopy Health network, please call 888-277-5942 or visit their website. You can also reach out to Canopy Health directly at 888-8-CANOPY. We will be happy to put you in touch with a Western Health Advantage representative or a helpful Bay Area insurance broker.

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