Canopy Provides More Convenient Access to Healthcare

Canopy Health is proud to feature unparalleled quality of care and competitive pricing, but the convenience of our network might be our crowning achievement.

Canopy Health’s Competitive Price

When businesses and individuals weigh their healthcare options, pricing is usually the very first thing that they take into account, which makes sense. After all, a health plan isn’t very useful if it costs too much to actually use. Canopy’s participating organizations are committed to moderating their prices, which then are passed on in the form of affordable premiums to our members.

Quality Healthcare at Canopy Health

Following price, quality of care is probably a close second on most people’s list of healthcare priorities. Your clients want to know that they are in good hands when it comes to their health and wellness, whether they are visiting their primary care physician for a routine check-up or a thoracic surgeon to discuss an upcoming procedure. Luckily, there are over 4,000 physicians in our network working together at numerous award-winning hospitals.

The Convenience Factor in Healthcare

So, we’ve covered pricing, and we’ve covered quality of care — two very important elements in decisions about the right plan for your clients’ businesses and their employees’ families. But what about the convenience factor?

When someone has suffered an injury on the job or when a child is running a temperature in the middle of the night, your clients don’t have time to worry about whether the right doctor is standing by or if traffic across the Bay Bridge is going to slow them down. They need to get to the appropriate physician in the shortest amount of time possible, which means that they’re relying on location and choice: the two hallmarks of healthcare convenience.

It seems like so many health plans are overly restrictive when it comes to choosing the provider and facility that the consumer wants. This leads to confusion, stress, and the consumer looking elsewhere for more convenient and accessible coverage. At Canopy Health, these problems simply do not exist.

Easier Access Through the Canopy Health Network

Canopy Health is proud to feature unparalleled quality of care and competitive pricing, but the convenience of our network might be our crowning achievement. The Canopy Health network consists of nine world-class affiliate partners that all boast superior healthcare across five counties in the Bay Area, including Sonoma, Contra Costa, San Francisco, Marin, and Alameda. This means that regardless of where your clients and their families live, work, play, or attend school, they will always be near a fully-staffed and serviced facility that is able to provide the level of care that they expect and deserve.

If a client lives in Alameda, they can be referred to Fairmont Hospital to receive excellent physical rehabilitation services. If a client works in Walnut Creek, their primary care physician can refer them to a cardiac specialist at John Muir Medical Center. If a client’s child attends school in Glenview, they are just minutes away from UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital should they suffer an injury on the playground or in the classroom.

The Canopy Health network is connected proximally, logistically, technologically, and as a united team of care providers championing health and wellness for patients. Regardless of where your clients are when disaster strikes or where they want to be when taking proactive measures to ensure their health and wellness, the Canopy Health umbrella has them covered along the vast spectrum of healthcare coverage, providing human care that is refreshingly clear.