Western Health Advantage members are eligible for additional health and wellness programs — including Assist America and major discounts at approved gyms.

Your employees deserve high-quality, affordable healthcare. Western Health Advantage (WHA), a health plan partnered with the Canopy Health network, offers a unique combination of coordinated care, affordable plan options, and valuable health and wellness incentives. 

High-Quality Healthcare Benefits Can Help You Hire and Retain Top Talent

For many employees and job applicants, high-quality fringe benefits are an important part of their compensation package. And today’s workforce is looking for more than just bare-bones healthcare coverage: they want benefits that improve their overall health, encourage work-life balance, and give them access to the Bay Area’s top hospitals and physicians.

Western Health Advantage offers numerous flexible healthcare options for small- and large-group employers. For over 20 years, WHA has offered HMO health plans that foster employee wellness and accountability. Along with exceptional access to preventive and emergency care, all WHA health plans include behavioral health services, and many cover alternative healthcare options. WHA participants can also access numerous programs and resources that encourage health and wellness.

Gym Discounts Encourage Health and Wellness

Western Health Advantage members can purchase significantly discounted gym and fitness center memberships with the  Active&Fit Direct program, which allows them to choose from more than 9,000 participating fitness centers throughout the United States. When members enroll in Active&Fit Direct, they only have to pay $25 per month and a $25 enrollment fee for their membership at a participating facility. 

Members can also receive discounts at certain gyms that are outside of the Active&Fit Direct program. For reduced rates at these facilities, they simply must present their insurance card at the fitness center and request the Western Health Advantage discount.

Assistance During Medical Emergencies While Travelling

Medical emergencies don’t just happen at home. If WHA members have a medical issue while they’re 100 miles or more from home, Assist America will help. This service is included in every Western Health Advantage plan and helps traveling members with a wide variety of issues, including:

  • 24/7 access to a multilingual, specially-trained staff that helps members evaluate their situation and find appropriate care 
  • Help with hospital admissions and the validation of members’ WHA coverage
  • Emergency medical evacuations
  • Assistance with childcare during a medical emergency
  • Prescription refills 

WHA members can also get travel assistance from Assist America’s mobile app, which can help them find a U.S. embassy or make an emergency phone call while abroad.

Western Health Advantage Empowers Informed Decision Making

Healthcare decisions and changes can feel overwhelming — and many employees simply don’t understand their healthcare options. WHA helps its members make informed decisions, identify health risks, and build action plans.  Its health plans include access to:

  • MyWHA Wellness: Western Health Advantage’s portal contains tools that help members identify their health risks, create wellness plans, and track their progress.
  • Nurse24: A 24/7 online program that allows members to consult with a registered nurse about their symptoms, medications, and upcoming medical appointments.
  • Decision Aids: Guides and information that help patients understand their medical conditions and make informed decisions based on their personal values.
  • Disease Management Programs: WHA offers free disease management programs for members with asthma, coronary artery disease, and diabetes. High-risk patients get telephone calls, coaching, and support from trained professionals.

The WHA website also offers healthy recipes, nutrition advice, and incentives for preventive care — such as raffles and gift cards related to mammograms and diabetic eye exams.

Access to Health Classes and Support Groups

WHA offers numerous health classes and support groups through its partners. Whether you need help with smoking cessation, diabetes management, or the emotional strain of a chronic or terminal condition, you can benefit from programs sponsored by WHA’s partners and affiliates. Many of these classes and groups are free.

Canopy Health and Western Health Advantage: Committed to Your Employees’ Health and Wellness

At Canopy Health, we believe your employees’ health is essential to your business’ success. We are proud to partner with Western Health Advantage, a trusted California carrier that shares our values. 

To learn more about WHA’s plans and pricing, contact them directly at 888-227-5942 or online. For more information about Canopy Health’s alliance and refreshingly clear, human approach to healthcare, complete our online form or call 888-8-CANOPY.