Alliance Referral Program

Eliminate Barriers and Expedite Care

Our network simplifies referrals and gives you and your employees access to all Canopy Health providers, not just those in their primary care physician’s medical group. This means better, faster, and more affordable care from the Bay Area’s top specialists.

Graphic showing the connection of the member to their PCP and specialists.

Four Steps

Easy, Automated Access to Specialists

  1. Members meet with their primary care physician (PCP) to explore treatment options.
  2. If a specialist is required, members may request (or their PCPs will recommend) the right specialist in the Canopy Health network.
  3. Referral requests are processed quickly and efficiently, including alerting members and providers, through the Alliance Referral Program. Common services offered by the approved specialist don't require additional authorizations.

Call 888.822.6679

If you or your employees have any questions, our contact center is here to provide solutions that help eliminate barriers to care and expedite the referral process.

A New Approach to Referrals

Our alliance partners work together to create a positive healthcare experience by referring patients to the best care in the most efficient way.

Find Doctors and Services

Learn more about the physicians and medical groups in the Canopy Health alliance.

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