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large group 101+ plans

Health Net SmartCare HMO

Health Net for large group 101+ plans:

  • Canopy Health is now part of the Health Net SmartCare network 
  • The SmartCare tailored network is an easy-to-use, whole-health option offering predictable costs and a quality network 
  • SmartCare includes CVS MinuteClinic access and value-added wellness programs 
  • Health Net will provide quotes
  • Underwriting guidelines provided by the carrier apply to all Canopy Health products 
  • Canopy Health offers competitive pricing by working together with our alliance partners 
  • Canopy Health and Health Net will partner to provide support for Open Enrollment meetings as needed

Eligibility for Coverage: As a member of Canopy Health, you have access
to care within our entire network service area.

Map showing Health Net service area

Flexible, Cost-Saving Choices

Health Net Enhanced Choice Portfolio for Large Groups

  • SmartCare – 101+ Employees
  • Employers may choose up to six Health Net health plans (Choices include: SmartCare, EOA, Full HMO, ExcelCare EOA, ExcelCare HMO, Salud, and PPO—PPOs with or without HSA, HRA options)
  • Enhanced Choice is a defined contribution arrangement
  • Popular, proven tailored networks are available, including SmartCare
  • Members have access to wellness programs and resources, plus the Healthy Rewards Program, which includes a $50 HRQ & wellness incentive

Visit Health Net's website for more details.

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