Health Net Grievances and Appeals

We ensure that our members concerns about their healthcare and how it is delivered are addressed promptly and respectfully.

What’s the difference between a grievance and an appeal?

  • Grievance: a complaint about the quality of healthcare you received or how it was delivered (customer service)
  • Appeal: a request to reconsider a decision made to deny coverage or restrict approval for a healthcare service you wish to receive

How to file an appeal or grievance?
Please complete the grievance form submit it directly to Health Net (not to Canopy Health).

Or learn how to file a grievance or appeal with HealthNet.


Health Net SmartCare HMO

Health Net for large group 101+ plans:

  • Canopy Health is now part of the Health Net SmartCare network 
  • The SmartCare tailored network is an easy-to-use, whole-health option offering predictable costs and a quality network 
  • SmartCare includes CVS MinuteClinic access and value-added wellness programs 
  • Health Net will provide quotes
  • Underwriting guidelines provided by the carrier apply to all Canopy Health products 
  • Canopy Health offers competitive pricing by working together with our alliance partners 
  • Canopy Health and Health Net will partner to provide support for Open Enrollment meetings as needed

Eligibility for Coverage: As a member of Canopy Health, you have access
to care within our entire network service area.


Health Net Enhanced Choice Portfolio for Large Groups

    • SmartCare – 101+ Employees
    • Employers may choose up to six Health Net health plans (Choices include: SmartCare, EOA, Full HMO, ExcelCare EOA, ExcelCare HMO, Salud, and PPO—PPOs with or without HSA, HRA options)
    • Enhanced Choice is a defined contribution arrangement
    • Popular, proven tailored networks are available, including SmartCare
    • Members have access to wellness programs and resources, plus the Healthy Rewards Program, which includes a $50 HRQ & wellness incentive

    Visit Health Net’s website for more details.




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