Improve Employee Wellness with Health Promotion Programs from Health Net

Health Net is committed to their patients’ holistic health and gives members exclusive access to special Decision Power® health promotion programs.

Canopy Health is proud to partner with Health Net, a well-respected health plan carrier based in California. When employers select a SmartCare HMO plan for their staff, the team not only benefits from access to the Canopy Health alliance, but they also get free health promotion programs that can encourage them to live a longer, healthier life.

Your Workforce Will Appreciate Health Net’s Affordable and High-Quality Health Plans

Health Net offers a wide variety of affordable, high-quality health plans to employers, including its large group SmartCare HMO plans. When you work with Health Net, you can choose from streamlined, understandable plans, two prescription plan options, and the flexibility to offer multiple Health Net plan options to your workforce. The carrier prides itself on its fair pricing, focus on preventive care, and commitment to your employees’ diverse healthcare needs.

SmartCare members can also choose to become part of the Canopy Health alliance by selecting a primary care physician (PCP) from one of our affiliated medical groups, which include:

  • Hill Physicians Medical Group
  • John Muir Physicians Network
  • Meritage Medical Network

Once they join Canopy Health, your employees will receive coordinated healthcare and access to roughly 5,000 physicians and 18 hospitals across 8 Bay Area counties. They’ll also benefit from Canopy Health’s commitment to healthcare transparency and compassionate, patient-focused care. To find physicians in your area, you can search our alliance directory.

Health Promotion Programs Lead to Improved Outcomes

Healthcare research suggests that health promotion programs, when combined with high-quality care, can increase your workforce’s wellness and productivity. It can be difficult to implement healthy lifestyle changes without the support and accountability of a peer group. However, a comprehensive health coaching program can significantly improve a person’s likelihood of losing weight, stopping their nicotine use, or managing a chronic illness. 

For example, a 2013 study evaluated health plan members who participated in a phone-based weight loss support program. At the beginning of the weight loss program, the participants set specific health goals, such as improving their mental health, diabetes control, or decreasing low back pain. Within six months of coaching, 89% had met at least one of their health goals — and they noted significant improvements in their eating habits, exercise levels, and overall health.

Decision Power® Health Promotion Programs Are Free to Health Net Members

Health Net believes in holistic wellness that fosters their members’ minds, bodies, and spirits. For this reason, they offer a wide variety of free health promotion services through the Decision Power® program. 

Health Net members have complimentary access to Decision Power® programs that educate them about their healthcare options and help them make positive, empowered choices. 

Programs include:

  • Fit Families for Life: Families can incorporate simple, healthy lifestyle changes into their routines. The program provides members with a free workbook, DVD, exercise band, and cookbook.
  • Health coaching: Members can access one-one-one health coaching for a variety of issues. Health Net also offers online coaching resources that help members set goals and track their progress.
  • myStrength: A personalized website that offers mental health challenges, inspiration, and self-help resources.
  • Nurse24: Members can call Health Net’s triage and screening line 24/7 for advice and help to assess their medical needs.
  • Online wellness classes: Members can also participate in six-week online programs focusing on stress management, weight loss, physical activity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure management.
  • Quit for Life®: A smoking cessation program that links members with a quit coach and helps them set goals and track their progress through a six-week, online program.
  • Text4baby: Sends parents free health tips and information each week during a pregnancy and an infant’s first year. Parents also have access to a free app and can receive appointment reminders.

Members also can participate in online healthcare screenings and a wide variety of discount programs that encourage their health and wellness.


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