The Canopy Health Contact Center Is Dedicated to First-Call Resolution

Our contact center staff is trained to resolve all issues within a single call and is committed to meeting and exceeding your clients’ potential care and coverage issues.

The Canopy Health Contact Center is positioned to answer all our members’ questions and resolve any potential issues in a single call, which is just one more way we are dedicated to providing the best possible healthcare experience for all your clients — regardless of their circumstances. Recently, we sat down with Greg Mitchell, our patient experience manager, to discuss the concept of first-call resolution and more.

Keep reading to learn more about our commitment to exceeding our members’ expectations and how our experienced customer service professionals are working to create a more effective and transparent healthcare landscape across the Bay Area.

Q: Good afternoon, Greg. We know you and your team are extremely busy, so we appreciate you taking some time to speak with us. How are you today?

A:  I’m doing well, thanks! Excited for the chance to explain how our team works.  

Q: Good, we’re glad to hear it. First off, can you define first-call resolution? That seems to be the contact center team’s primary objective.

A: First-call resolution is our approach to handling each call to its completion and making sure the caller’s issues are properly resolved the first time they contact our team. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean the callers issue will be resolved by the time the call is over. But it does mean our team will do everything in our power to resolve the member’s issue and follow up to provide them with updates until the issue is resolved.

Q: Interesting. So how do you and your staff pursue that goal? That is, how do you anticipate need and then respond in real time?

A: All our contact center staff members come from a healthcare background, and they each have several years of experience. We provide everyone with the necessary tools and training materials to answer almost any relevant questions us.

For instance, our customer relationship manager (CRM) and call-tracking system remind us to follow up to ensure all cases are resolved. Cases are never closed until they’re resolved and the person who initiated the case has been notified.

We also educate our team and provide training materials that are easily accessible in our CRM. Education, experience, and knowledge allow us to remove the hassle and effort away from the members, which means more convenient and transparent guidance throughout each member’s healthcare journey.  

Q: How do you feel this separates Canopy Health from other healthcare networks in the Bay Area?

A:  Well, I can only speak to my personal experience, but I’ve definitely had to call around to several different parties to resolve past issues. At Canopy Health, though, we take that burden away from our members and providers and assist them from start to finish to resolve their issues. We don’t transfer people to a million different call points or refer them to the website; we take the time to fix the problem because we genuinely care about the result.

Q: As member advocates, how do you feel your work is part of Canopy Health’s commitment to delivering refreshingly clear, human care? How do those words resonate with you and your staff?

A:  Our team has an empathetic approach to resolving issues, and we provide a level of service that we would want and expect for ourselves and our family members. We communicate information in a very clear and concise manner as we work to eliminate obstacles to effective care and coverage while also providing updates throughout the process.

Q: If your team discovers a troubling pattern in your interactions with Canopy Health members, what steps do you take to address the root cause and prevent the same issue from arising again?

A: Here’s an example of a project our contact center recently completed. We received a few complaints that the service from a diabetic supply company was… unsatisfactory.  My team and I identified which members used this company and contacted each member individually to ask if they were satisfied with the service they were receiving from that company. If the members weren’t satisfied, we helped them switch to another contracted diabetic supply company that we’ve developed a strong working relationship with. Our members were pleasantly surprised that their healthcare network would take the time and effort to do this for them.

Q: The Canopy Health alliance has grown significantly within the last year or so. How do you and your team communicate with network and carrier partners to ensure everyone is on the same page?

A: Each month, Canopy Health invites all our medical group partners to attend an operations meeting to make sure everyone is moving in the same direction. I also chair the Customer Experience Council and have set up regular meetings with all of our carrier plan and medical group partners.

Q: Thanks again for your time today, Greg. Is there anything else you would like to add?

A: My pleasure! It was nice talking to you, and I’m always happy to get the word out about our Contact Center team and operations. For anyone in need of assistance, our Contact Center is available by phone Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM to assist members, providers, employers, and brokers.