Want Better Bay Area Employees? Provide Better Health Benefits

Learn how to attract and retain top talent in the Bay Area and how Canopy Health can help.

With the U.S. facing a shortage of workers, the challenge to hire and retain excellent employees is on the rise. For the past year, the number of open jobs each month has been higher than the number of people looking for work. Employers need to know what employees want at work to attract and retain top talent.

Health Insurance Is Valued Most Highly in the Workplace

You may be surprised to learn that the once-hot perks such as ping-pong tables in the office have become passé. These types of beyond-the-basics perks are not important to employees in the race for Bay Area companies to out-wow each other. A recent survey by LinkedIn found that its respondents cared most about core benefits, such as health coverage and paid time off. These results were also supported by another survey by the Harvard Business Review that shows better health, dental, and vision insurance at the very top of the benefits most valued by job seekers.

Let’s take a deeper dive into how Canopy Health can help you offer competitive healthcare benefits to help attract and retain the best talent.

Manage Healthcare Costs and Provide Attractive Benefits to Employees

Canopy Health offers a different value proposition from traditional networks in the market. Canopy Health is a single network of alliance partners owned by our physicians and hospitals. We own the risk and pay claims so doctors can focus on providing the most efficient and effective care. We collaborate with trusted health insurance carriers to create health plans and innovative products that fit our members’ needs and provide more choice. Members can also access our entire network by simply choosing an insurance carrier partnered with Canopy Health and a primary care doctor from one of our medical groups.

As an employer, you have an opportunity to attract and retain the top talent by choosing a health plan that includes Canopy Health, which can decrease costs while maintaining or improving the quality of care your employees receive. Quality healthcare options offered through Canopy Health’s carrier partners emphasize accountability, coordinated care, and transparency — all of which can make a difference as you build your company and work to manage healthcare costs.

Canopy Health Passes Healthcare Savings to You and Your Employees

With healthcare costs growing by roughly five percent every year, many businesses could quickly price out of their current benefit plans. The most expensive benefit to provide is health insurance, with an average cost of $6,435 per employee for individual coverage and $18,142 for family coverage. The difference at Canopy Health is that we’ve enabled our alliance partners to offer a different healthcare experience with added value to members, patients, and physicians. Through productive health plan partnerships, best-in-class care management, an engaged provider network, and competitive unit pricing, we’re making high-quality healthcare more accessible and affordable.

As an alliance, we are able to moderate pricing and pass savings on to employers through affordable premiums. Our unique partnership is bound by joint quality measures that ensure a member-centric focus. We work with providers who share our values of expanded access to specialist care, cost transparency, and streamlined referrals to our entire network of Bay Area specialists, hospitals, and care centers. And we continually enable our community hospitals and select providers to deliver high-quality, seamless, and cost-competitive consumer-centric care.


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