What Your Employees Look for in a Doctor

You know your employees value healthcare, but what factors impact how they choose their doctor? Keep reading to learn the top three factors and find out how Canopy Health can help meet their needs.

When it comes to providing healthcare for your employees, it’s important to understand what matters to them. Knowing your employees’ priorities will help you support them in their healthcare journey. A recent study by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions surveyed U.S. adults regarding their perceptions about their most essential healthcare needs.

Keep reading to learn what consumers’ current healthcare priorities are and find out how Canopy Health is working to stay at the cutting edge of healthcare innovation in the Bay Area.

What Matters to Your Employees: Convenience

Deloitte researchers concluded healthcare consumers are increasingly focusing less on flashy perks and more on essential functionality and basic health needs. Employees prioritize a healthcare experience that is flexible, convenient, and fits into their daily lives.

Two primary factors influence whether employees regard a healthcare experience as convenient:


Your employees want a doctor who’s easy to access and close to home. With Canopy Health’s Alliance Referral Program, members have access to all Canopy Health providers, not just those in their primary care physician’s medical group. Referral requests get processed quickly and efficiently, and if a specialist is required, members can request a close and convenient one in the Canopy Health network. With access to in-network services throughout the entire Canopy Health alliance of providers, your employees can find the doctor that’s right for them.


In addition to accessibility and convenient hours, virtual visits and online tools remain a priority for about a third of adults surveyed. Virtual tools help diagnose symptoms and manage chronic conditions, which makes the treatment of everyday health needs quick, easy, and convenient.

Virtual visits are available to Canopy Health members 24/7 with no appointment necessary, and prescriptions can be sent electronically to the pharmacy of their choice, making it more convenient than ever to maintain health and wellness. With the MyCanopyHealth mobile app or member portal, getting access to care when you need it is easy.

What Matters to Your Employees: Cost

According to the Deloitte survey, cost is a major factor for adults looking for a doctor. One of the best ways to help manage costs is by choosing an in-network healthcare provider.

The Canopy Health Network has nearly 5,000 of the Bay Area’s top providers and 19 hospitals across nine Bay Area counties, so it’s easy to find an accessible provider who can meet your employees’ unique needs and help keep costs down.

In addition, one of our core values at Canopy Health is price transparency. We make comparing prices and planning for health expenses easy for members by offering digital tools such as our Cost Estimator. Members can also use our Out-of-Pocket Accumulator, which provide estimates for common services and procedures performed within the network and helps track expenses not covered by a member’s plan. Members know their costs and can plan accordingly without surprises.

What Matters to Employees: Reputation

Finding a reputable physician is extremely important to employees. With the advent of aggregated online ratings, consumers rely on the opinions of others now more than ever. The Doctors & Services search allows your employees to look for doctors, hospitals, urgent care centers, and other services and then review certifications, specialties, and other important information. This tool makes employees’ search for high-quality healthcare informed and available at their fingertips.


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