Alameda Hospital: A New Day in Health

Specializing in emergency, inpatient, outpatient, and wellness services, Alameda Hospital has been serving the residents of the East Bay since 1894

The History of Alameda Hospital

Alameda Hospital was first opened in 1894, and since that time, they have provided emergency, inpatient, outpatient, and wellness services to millions of Bay Area residents. Throughout their history, Alameda Hospital has also become well known for their strong ties to the community, as they frequently sponsor wellness activities for local residents, including fitness classes, health fairs, tai chi, and yoga.

While Alameda Hospital has received many distinctions throughout their history, they have been especially well-recognized over the last several years. The following are some noteworthy examples of this recognition:

  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 5-star rating for nursing
  • Recognition from The American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association for high standards in cardiac care 
  • Advanced certification by the Joint Commission for the Alameda Hospital certified primary stroke center
  • Veterans Administration contract for inpatient and emergency care
  • Gold Plus Target Stroke Elite Award from the American Stroke Association (four straight years)

Specialty Care at Alameda Hospital

Alameda hospital offers the full spectrum of care, including cardiology, diagnostic imaging, and occupational therapy. Their 24-hour emergency department is fully staffed by 12 board-certified physicians and nearly 40 registered nurses. They have also expanded their surgical services to include laser and laparoscopic procedures, and their surgical staff are available around the clock. This means you and your family can get the care you need when you need it.

Alameda Hospital is also home to the Creedon Advanced Wound Care facility and the Bay Area Bone and Joint Center. The hospital also offers specialty treatment, including cataract surgery, nuclear medicine, and plastic and reconstructive surgery, among several others. Additionally, their personalized, long-term care programs adhere to the highest standards in nursing, rehabilitative, and sub-acute care.

This all-encompassing approach to personalized, effective patient care is reflected in the number of patients treated at the 251-bed hospital in 2015:

  • Inpatient Admissions: 2,322
  • Total Outpatient Visits: 11,185
  • Emergency Room Visits: 17,594
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Surgeries: 2,529
  • Long-Term Care Admissions: 326

Alameda Hospital’s staff of diverse and skilled physicians and caregivers, along with its acute care, rehabilitative care, and state-of-the-art specialty services make it the ideal treatment and recovery setting for residents of the East Bay.

The Alameda Hospital Philosophy of Care

Alameda Hospital’s philosophy of care is centered on patients and their families. The programs, policies, and processes they develop provide patients and their families with the opportunity to make informed and educated choices about their care, elevating and encouraging patients to become active participants in their own health while also improving healthcare outcomes.

In order to uphold and execute this philosophy of care, the team at Alameda Hospital embraces the following values:

  • We know, accept and respect that every patient is different and comes with his/ her own set of expectations.
  • We understand and honor patients’ personal preferences, cultural beliefs, values, choices, decisions, lifestyles and family situations.
  • We involve patients and family members in the decision making process as a joint partner of the care team.
  • We empower patients and family members to monitor and provide input to their clinical care and decisions, allowing them to decide their span of control.
  • We ensure the patient transitions between staff, providers, departments and campuses are efficient, timely and coordinated.
  • We provide a welcoming, supportive environment for healing and wellness.

These values are paired with Alameda Hospital’s steadfast commitment to providing safe, effective, and thorough care for all their patients, making it the hospital of choice for tens of thousands of Bay Area residents.

Alameda Health Is a Proud Member of the Canopy Health Alliance

Alameda Hospital and the Alameda Health System are proud members of the Canopy Health network. With nearly 5,000 providers working at 18 hospitals and dozens of care centers serving 8 counties throughout the Bay Area, Canopy Health is expansive, efficient, and accessible. And as an employee working within our network, you have special access to numerous facets of Canopy Health, including employee discounts for health classes and wellness programs.