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Our Relationship with Care Connectors:

An Annual Wellness Visit is a yearly visit provided by Medicare. The purpose is to improve your health and preventive care plan of action. You and your doctor will create a plan based on your health and personal goals, and it’s an opportunity to discuss your long-term wishes.

You can have your visit with your doctor or with Care Connectors. If your doctor is p­­art of Hill Physicians Medical Group you can be seen in your home, at an upcoming onsite clinic, or through a virtual visit by Care Connectors.

Who is Care Connectors? Care Connectors Medical Group is part of your Medicare care team and works with your doctor to offer options to complete your Annual Wellness Visit. To learn more about Care Connectors Medical Group visit:

Whether you see your doctor or a Care Connectors provider, your Annual Wellness Visit is a longer appointment. You will spend about 45 minutes talking about your health issues, personal goals, and medications. You can ask any health questions, no matter how small.  If you choose to see a Care Connectors provider, your visit summary will be sent to your current doctor. This allows us to seamlessly connect your care team and provide you with the best care.

Upcoming Onsite Clinic Days

Friday, March 8th, 2024 9:30 am – 3:30 pm
Pleasant Hill Senior Center
233 Gregory Ln,
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

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Reasons To Schedule Your Annual Wellness Visit

It’s a Free Health Benefit

Most Medicare health insurance plans offer free Annual Wellness Visits. You do not have to worry about a co-pay.

Track Your Health Year to Year

During your visit, your provider will ask about any changes in your health and your family medical history so you both have a clear picture of your health each year.

Catch an Illness Early

An important reason to schedule this visit is to identify problems before you have symptoms when problems are more easily managed.

Develop a Personalized Health Plan

Having an in-depth discussion with your provider about your health goals to create a personal health plan is a good investment in your future.

Review All Your Prescriptions

Your provider will review all prescriptions you take, including over-the-counter medicines and the ones prescribed by other doctors to be sure you are on a safe schedule.