Canopy Health Would Love to Partner with Your Business in 2018 and Beyond

The Canopy Health alliance and our insurance carrier partners offer flexible and affordable care and coverage options

With the current turbulent and tumultuous healthcare landscape, especially in California, costs have become an increasing concern for employers and employees alike. At Canopy Health, our goal is to help employers strengthen their employee relationships with robust benefit packages that fit multiple needs while optimizing their financial bottom line. 

What Is Important in Employer-Based Healthcare?

As an employer, you understand your employees are one of your most important assets. This is particularly true in the Bay Area, where we have reached full employment levels and employee retention is vital. If you haven’t assessed your compensation and benefits packages recently, now is the time.

High-quality healthcare benefits serve multiple purposes. First, they improve employee wellness, leading to increased productivity. Second, investing in your employees’ health sends a strong message about their importance and value to your organization. According to the Harvard Business Journal, 54% of job seekers heavily consider the quality of healthcare benefits when deciding whether to switch employers — and 88% give benefits some level of consideration.

When you’re assessing the quality of your health plans, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does my insurance company or healthcare organization offer diverse and affordable plans that meet both my company’s and employees’ needs?
  • Do my employees have access to the Bay Area’s top physicians and hospitals?
  • Does my healthcare organization see itself as my partner in employee health?
  • Do my employees receive coordinated, patient-focused healthcare?
  • Does the plan value healthcare transparency and literacy?

If you can’t answer these questions or don’t like the answers you do have, consider Canopy Health as a refreshingly clear alternative to your current health plan.

What Is Canopy Health?

Founded in 2015, Canopy Health is a provider-sponsored healthcare alliance of 18 hospitals and nearly 5,000 physicians. We focus on delivering high-quality and cost-effective healthcare across 8 Bay Area Counties — including Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma. Shareholders include UCSF Health, John Muir Health, Hill Physicians Medical Group, Muir Medical Group IPA, and Meritage Medical Network.

Because we are physician and hospital-owned, we approach healthcare differently than traditional healthcare companies. Our mission is to improve healthcare access and outcomes for all Bay Area residents by delivering cost-effective, transparent, and high-quality care.  We also consider ourselves partners with our members and their employers — working with them to increase Bay Area health and productivity.

Give Your Employees Access to Nearly 5,000 Local Physicians and Hospitals

Canopy Health members can receive care from nearly 5,000 medical providers, including respected primary care physicians and world-renowned specialists.* Additionally, our growing alliance includes a robust network of 18 hospitals, including several that have been recognized for excellence by U.S. News & World Report:

  • Alameda Hospital
  • Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Highland Hospital
  • John Muir Medical Center, Concord
  • John Muir Medical Center, Walnut Creek
  • Marin General Hospital
  • Regional Medical Center of San Jose
  • Saint Francis Memorial Hospital
  • San Leandro Hospital
  • San Ramon Regional Medical Center
  • Sequoia Hospital
  • Sonoma Valley Hospital
  • St. Mary’s Medical Center
  • UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, Oakland
  • UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital at Mission Bay
  • UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay
  • UCSF Medical Center at Parnassus
  • Washington Hospital

Our alliance offers comprehensive medical care — from wellness exams to complicated surgical procedures. 

Coordinated Care Encourages Employee Wellness

Unlike some healthcare organizations, Canopy Health offers highly coordinated and member-focused services. Once you select healthcare plans from one of our carrier partners, your employees will choose a Canopy Health primary care doctor. This family physician will coordinate all their medical care, referring them to specialists and managing their overall wellness. 

We believe this approach leads to more patient-focused treatment plans and reduced costs. When primary care doctors, specialists, hospitals, and other medical care facilities work in an information silo, there is a higher likelihood of unnecessary medical treatment, overlooked diagnoses, and other inefficiencies. Canopy Health physicians work together to help improve member outcomes and foster employee health.

Cost-Effective for Employers and Employees

We pride ourselves on clear, competitive pricing. Our primary focus is our members’ wellness, not organizational profits. We believe coordinating care and focusing on prevention leads to better health outcomes and lower costs. Our unique approach to healthcare allows us to offer high-quality healthcare with relatively low premiums, deductibles, and other associated costs.

Additionally, costs transparency is part of our core mission. We work to empower our members by improving their healthcare literacy. We are also developing a new Canopy Health app that will help guide members through their healthcare decisions and explain their out-of-pocket medical costs.

Diverse Plans for Small and Large Businesses

Canopy Health currently partners with two carriers:

Health Net (SmartCare plans): 

SmartCare plans are an affordable and high-quality option for large group employers. Plan choices are both simple and diverse, letting members mix and match copayment and coinsurance designs. Employers can even offer other Health Net plans alongside SmartCare plans for added choice. SmartCare plans are available in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Solano, and Sonoma counties.

UnitedHealthcare (SignatureValue Advantage plans): 

Both small and large group employers can purchase SignatureValue Advantage plans. These plans put a high value on preventive health, childhood immunizations, and member satisfaction. While they offer exceptional coverage, SignatureValue Advantage plans have lower premiums than traditional UnitedHealthcare HMO plans.

These reputable companies offer a wide variety of employment-based healthcare plans that serve both small and large groups. If you’re interested in pricing and other information, contact Canopy Health or one of our carrier partners directly.


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