How to Get the Most out of Canopy Health’s Cost Estimator Tool

Learn how the Canopy Health’s Cost Estimator Tool can improve your healthcare decisions and help you control your out-of-pocket expenses with aggregated pricing data for common procedures.

Over the last decade, the cost of healthcare has increased exponentially. In 2018, people with employer-sponsored healthcare spent 5.9% more than the year before, with the average family of four paying $28,166 for health plan premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses. While some of these costs are unavoidable, studies suggest that more than half of our healthcare spending is due to unnecessary services, preventable complications, and other inefficiencies.

To help our members address rising healthcare costs, Canopy Health is committed to increasing healthcare transparency and literacy. Our Cost Estimator Tool is a powerful asset in this fight.

What Is the Canopy Health Cost Estimator Tool?

At Canopy Health, we believe that healthcare transparency encourages better decision-making. If you know the true cost of a procedure, you may decide to explore less invasive treatment options or opt against an unnecessary procedure. To help our members understand their healthcare options, we created our easy-to-use Cost Estimator Tool.

We aggregated pricing data across our alliance of hospitals, care centers, and physician groups for routine procedures like x-rays, arthroscopic surgeries, and lab work. Before you schedule a procedure, you can use our Cost Estimator Tool to understand its average cost within our alliance. This data can help you create a healthcare budget and understand the likely costs associated with your care.

How Do I Access the Canopy Health Cost Estimator Tool?

All Canopy Health members can access the Cost Estimator Tool through our Member Portal and MyCanopyHealth mobile app. If you are not a member, check to see if your employer-sponsored health plan includes our alliance.

And if you’re already a Canopy Health member, accessing the Cost Estimator Tool is easy. First, download the MyCanopyHealth mobile app or visit our Member Portal online. You can find our mobile app on most major platform’s app stores. There is no additional cost for using either the Member Portal or MyCanopyHealth mobile app.

Next, you’ll need to log in to either the MyCanopyHealth mobile app or Member Portal.

Once you’re logged in, you can explore all the functionality in the mobile app and portal, including our Cost Estimator Tool, Out-of-Pocket and Deductible Accumulator, Doctors and Services Search, and Video Visits. Learn more about MyCanopyHealth mobile app and member portal.

While our Cost Estimator Tool is still in its beta version, it offers powerful insights. You can search for a wide range of healthcare services, including prenatal care, routine surgeries, and lab work. Once a service is selected, the Cost Estimator Tool will provide you with an estimated range of prices within our alliance.  


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