The MyCanopyHealth App Will Soon Provide Even Greater Access to Canopy Health

The new Canopy Health mobile app will soon be released and has dozens of helpful and educational tools for your health and wellness, but the telehealth features might be the most exciting of all.

Canopy Health believes our members deserve high-quality health information and access to exceptional care no matter the time or place. Our mobile app will soon provide 24/7 access to accurate health information, powerful tools, and our exciting telehealth service. Keep reading to learn more about our innovative MyCanopyHealth mobile app!

Health Literacy Is Vital to Your Wellness

According to some studies, 90% of adults lack the skills they need to properly access care and manage their health. This isn’t their fault. The U.S. health system is increasingly complicated and technical. It’s simply too hard to find healthcare information that’s accurate and written in plain language. However, limited health literacy can negatively impact your health.

People with lower health literacy tend to:

  • Miss out on preventive healthcare, such as vaccines and mammograms
  • Experience complications from manageable diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Have higher usage rates for emergency rooms and spend more time in the hospital
  • Spend more on their healthcare

At Canopy Health, our mission is to improve the Bay Area’s health literacy and wellness.

Canopy Health’s Mobile App Connects You to Your Health Information

When members download the MyCanopyHealth mobile app, they will be able to access important information and tools that allow them to make educated decisions about your healthcare. These features include our physician directory, your digital ID card, and medical expense tracking and estimating tools, among several others.

These tools are a vital part of the Canopy Health mission. We’re committed to delivering refreshingly clear, human care to each and every one of our members. This includes informing you about healthcare issues that impact your lives, connecting you with reputable Bay Area physicians, and helping build your health literacy.

When you understand how to access care, discuss your concerns with your physician, and calculate your out-of-pocket expenses, you’ll pursue and receive more efficient care. You might also avoid medical complications and live a longer, healthier life.

Consult with a Telehealth Physician from Your Home or Office

Our members’ lives are busy. Between your personal and professional obligations, there’s not always a lot of time to schedule doctor’s appointments. Because we’re all so preoccupied, it’s no surprise that telehealth is gaining popularity.

Telehealth systems allow people to consult with a physician using their smartphone, tablet, or another device. Canopy Health’s mobile app allows members to request Video Visits with a telehealth physician who can assess their non-emergency medical needs.

During a Video Visit, you will be able to video conference with a specially trained physician or medical provider. The provider will listen to your concerns, ask questions, and visually examine you through the camera. They will then recommend a course of action, which might include medication or additional care.

Depending on your unique needs, the doctor will send prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy, recommend follow-up care, or direct you to a nearby emergency room. Canopy Health members will never need an appointment to see a telehealth provider, and the system will be available at all times — even holidays!

Telehealth offers our members more than just convenience. It’s also cost-effective. A Video Visit will typically cost less than comparable care at the emergency room, which can result in hundreds of dollars (or more) in medical bills. Rather than spend hours in the ER and pay a hefty bill, you can now get high-quality, low-cost care from the comfort of your home!