UnitedHealthcare Offers Exclusive Services on Select Plans

Depending on the level of your UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Advantage plan, your employees could be eligible for special programs and services.

Today’s health plans don’t just offer vaccinations and office visits, they also provide tools that help members make better health decisions and improve their access to care. UnitedHealthcare’s SignatureValue Advantage plans, for example, can include an array of special programs and services that deliver personalized 24/7 assistance to members. 

UnitedHealthcare’s SignatureValue Advantage Plans Combine Affordability and Access to High-Quality Care

When employers select a UnitedHealthcare (UHC)  SignatureValue Advantage plan for their employees, they’re giving them the ideal combination of affordable costs and access to exceptional care. The SignatureValue Advantage plans offer members managed healthcare, where a skilled primary care physician (PCP) coordinates all their care and helps proactively identify and treat their medical conditions. Because managed care can help members avoid preventable complications, it tends to reduce overall healthcare costs.

In the Bay Area, SignatureValue Advantage plans include access to Canopy Health’s robust alliance of nearly 5,000 physicians, 18 hospitals, and numerous care centers. When plan members select a PCP from one of Canopy Health’s medical groups, they are automatically enrolled in the Canopy Health alliance. This remarkable network includes some of the region’s most preeminent physicians and hospitals, including providers at UCSF Health and John Muir Health campuses.

UHC Offers Toolkits That Educate Members About Healthcare Literacy

Like Canopy Health, UnitedHealthcare values transparency and healthcare literacy. When you select a UHC health plan for your workforce, you automatically get access to an array of free toolkits that explain the plan’s benefits and empower educated healthcare decisions. These toolkits include:

  • Consumer Driven Health toolkits explain health savings accounts, health reimbursement accounts, and flexible spending accounts.
  • ER Initiative toolkits educate members about the costs associated with various treatment options, encouraging them to use less-expensive (but still effective) methods rather than the ER.
  • Pharmacy toolkits help members enroll in mail-order programs that can save them time and money.
  • Getting Started toolkits educate members about plan benefits and processes.

Employers can use these free posters, flyers, email campaigns, and other resources to educate their teams about their healthcare options. 

Care24: 24/7 Access to Health and Wellness Information

Certain SignatureValue Advantage plans give members access to  Care24 — a hotline that offers advice from registered nurses, masters’ degree-level counselors, lawyers, financial advisors, trainers, and other health and wellness experts. This 24-hour telephone service also includes audio resources on more than 1,000 healthcare topics and multilingual translation is available. Under certain circumstances, a Care24 representative will also help members find local resources that can help them.

Healthy Pregnancy Program: Personalized Advice for Expecting Moms

Expecting mothers and their partners can have a lot of questions and concerns. When members enroll in UnitedHealthcare’s free Healthy Pregnancy program, they get access to a 24/7 hotline where registered nurses can help them identify pregnancy complications, make healthy lifestyle changes that encourage maternal and fetal health, and get support for their unique needs. The program also offers an extensive online library of pregnancy and post-partum health information.

RealAppeal®: Digital Weight Loss Support and Coaching

Obesity is one of the most significant preventable health risks in America. When your UHC health plan includes RealAppeal®, your employees can use a powerful suite of digital weight loss tools, including:

  • One year of support from a personal transformation coach
  • A dashboard that tracks their progress
  • Online classes that encourage healthier lifestyle choices
  • A success kit that includes exercise DVDs and a nutrition guide

Remarkably, the average participant loses ten pounds after participating in just four of the program’s classes.

Rally: Make Wellness Fun Through Digital Challenges and Missions

Rally is a fun digital experience that challenges members to understand their “Rally Age” and make healthy changes by increasing their physical activity, adopting a healthier diet, and other simple lifestyle choices. When participants complete a mission or challenge, they win “Rally Coins” that are redeemable for contest entries where they can win fitness trackers and other exciting prizes. The program also makes personalized recommendations based on each participant’s unique circumstances and health issues.