Canopy Health Adopting Exciting New Telehealth Features

Canopy Health now provides all members with telehealth options to deliver virtual medical and wellness services, as well as health education, via our member portal and member app.

We’re releasing our Canopy Health MyCanopyHealth mobile app and member portal soon! These innovative platforms will include useful features, including financial transparency tools, benefits summaries, and even telehealth options, that can improve our members’ healthcare experience, health literacy, and outcomes. Soon, all our members will be able to schedule same-day Video Visits with a skilled and experienced Canopy Health physician in real time, receive a diagnosis for common medical ailments, get a prescription, and even receive a referral to seek treatment with an in-network specialist.

Keep reading to learn more about telehealth and how Canopy Health is developing and optimizing these features to continue improving our members’ access to our innovative high-performance network of nearly 5,000 providers and 18 hospitals across eight Bay Area counties.

What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth has significantly evolved over the last several years and will continue to progress and advance in the future. Currently, the term refers to all forms of digital communication within the healthcare sphere and includes common healthcare application and portal features.

While telehealth has become a popular buzzword in the healthcare industry, its origins date back to the 1950s when hospitals would share diagnostic images over the telephone and two-way video systems. By the 1970’s physicians could provide follow-up care and remote monitoring over the phone to their patients living in rural areas.

As technology improved over the last several decades, telehealth became an integral part of successful healthcare organizations’ delivery of effective care. Access to computers, smartphones, and the internet makes it possible to offer telehealth whenever and wherever members need attention.

At Canopy Health, we’re creating innovative digital tools that make it easy for all our members to access remarkable care and health information wherever they live, work, or play. This includes access to medical records, billing statements, benefits summaries, cost transparency tools, and even video conferencing with some of California’s most skilled and experienced providers via Video Visits.

What Are the Benefits of Telehealth?

When coupled with established modes of care, telehealth can drastically improve an individual’s health, wellness, and healthcare literacy.

  • Convenient Access to Excellent Care

Telehealth gives members direct access to skilled providers who can diagnose their ailments, suggest referral care to a specialist, or even provide prescriptions. This is especially helpful for individuals and families who live in areas that are underserved or far away from a high-quality acute care hospital.

We understand that it’s sometimes difficult to schedule in routine healthcare visits. Telehealth provides our members with another high-quality option and is available day or night. With an expansive service area spanning eight Bay Area counties and future access to Video Visits through the MyCanopyHealth mobile app and member portal, all Canopy Health members can receive excellent care regardless of where they live, work, or play.

  • Cost Savings

When implemented with care and consideration, telehealth can help patients, providers, and payers reduce overall costs through remote analysis and monitoring. Additionally, telehealth can reduce duplicative and unnecessary treatment and emergency room visits, decreasing healthcare costs. It can also increase revenue for physicians by allowing them to provide more efficient care with fewer no-shows and a more flexible schedule with the option to work remotely.

Canopy Health is dedicated to providing cost-effective care, eliminating redundancies, and empowering our members to understand their care and costs throughout their healthcare journey. And our new telehealth tools will help us accomplish these goals.

  • Streamlined Referral Processes

Telehealth encourages members in rural areas to seek treatment with skilled and experienced specialists closer to home, providing a more convenient experience with shorter commutes. Depending on their condition, your clients’ access to streamlined referrals to visit respected specialists could mean the difference between life and death.

Our Alliance Referral Program simplifies the referral process and allows our members to visit specialists outside their PCP’s medical group, which means they have more choice, more control, and a more active and autonomous role in their care.

  • Improved Member Engagement

Research suggests that more involved members are healthier members. Telehealth features make it much easier for individuals and families to take a more active role in their health and wellness, which lowers costs and improves outcomes. Telehealth features (especially when coupled with digital notifications) will help members maintain their appointments through scheduling reminders, incorporate healthier lifestyle choices, and increase healthcare literacy by providing useful educational content directly to their email inbox.

At Canopy Health, we believe preventive care and consistent follow-up result in healthier, more informed communities, which is why our telehealth features will include valuable educational content delivered according to each member’s customized health profile.

The New MyCanopyHealth Mobile App and Member Portal Offer Telehealth Features For All Our Members

At Canopy Health, our mission is to provide excellent care to all our members in a way that is convenient, transparent, and cost-effective — and offering state-of-the-art telehealth features is one way we’re working to achieve our goals.

We’re reinventing healthcare in the Bay Area by developing an entirely new approach to refreshingly clear, human care, and we would love for you and your clients to be a part of what we’re building, so please reach out today!