The Canopy Health Mobile App and Portal Offer Advanced Telehealth Features

Members can access powerful telehealth tools through the Canopy Health member portal and MyCanopyHealth mobile app.

Canopy Health is committed to delivering accessible, high-quality, and cost-effective healthcare throughout the Bay Area. To meet our members’ needs, we’ve developed a series of powerful member portal and mobile app features that will improve their access to healthcare and their personal health information.

Keep reading to learn more about our innovative telehealth features available through our emerging technologies.

Telehealth Improves Your Access to Care and Decreases Your Healthcare Costs

At Canopy Health, we are continually looking for ways to improve our member experience. Increasingly, younger generations prefer online health solutions that let them access care quickly and cost-efficiently. Our mobile app and member portal offer powerful tools that help them achieve this goal.

Our telehealth professionals are specially trained to assess a patient’s needs through video conferencing technology. We’re confident they will deliver the same level of exceptional care that our members have come to expect from our alliance.

The Video Visit feature allows our members to:

  • Speak with a physician or other medical provider about non-emergency medical issues from the comfort of their home or office
  • Seek a provider without an advanced appointment
  • Access quality care after traditional business hours and on weekends
  • Visit a physician who will examine them via webcam, make treatment recommendations, suggest referral options, and send prescriptions to their preferred pharmacy

You’ll typically pay less for a Virtual Visit than you would for similar treatment at an emergency room. According to a 2014 survey, some patients could save up to $100 per visit when they opt to see a telehealth physician rather than going into an emergency room or urgent care center for their minor healthcare needs. Willis Towers Watson, a global consulting firm, estimates that we could save $6 million each year if we all used telehealth solutions instead of visiting the emergency room for non-emergency care.

Our Member Portal and MyCanopyHealth App Empower Better Decision-Making

Too many people lack the information and skills necessary to make sound healthcare decisions. Because they don’t understand their out-of-pocket costs and can’t find an in-network physician, they delay preventive care. Unfortunately, this decision can lead to dangerous health complications that can be expensive and life-threatening.

We understand the healthcare system can be extremely confusing. At Canopy Health, we’re trying to make it more transparent and streamlined for our members. Along with Video Visits, members now have unfettered access to a variety of other exciting tools on our member portal and through the MyCanopyHealth mobile app, including:

  • Digital member ID card
  • An easy-to-use, searchable physician, hospital, and urgent care center directory
  • Out out-of-pocket and deductible estimators
  • Fun and informative health tips and advice
  • Customer service features that quickly connect you with Canopy Health representatives trained in first-call resolution

To use these features, simply download our free mobile app from your preferred App Store. Once downloaded, log in to our member portal to access our telehealth and health literacy features and tools.

We’re also developing additional features that will help our members make better healthcare decisions and improve their healthcare literacy, and we will be announcing those soon.


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