Canopy Health Continues to Expand – Learn More About Referral Care Through Our Growing Network

As Canopy Health continues to grow, physicians have more and better opportunities to refer their patients to excellent specialty care.  

As part of our alliance of high-quality physicians and medical providers, you have the choice to refer members to any Canopy Health specialist or care center, which gives you thousands of options across eight Bay Area counties.

Canopy Health’s Alliance Referral Program: The Best of Both Worlds

Too frequently, patients are stuck choosing between affordable, coordinated health care and access to the area’s premier specialists. While some PPOs offer a wide variety of treatment options, patients might receive inefficient, duplicative care and struggle to make educated health decisions without guidance from a personal physician. HMOs offer coordinated care that focuses on the patient’s long-term health, but some patients are wary of their narrow networks. 

Our members enjoy the best elements of an HMO and a PPO: coordinated treatment, manageable healthcare costs, and a robust network.

  • Coordinated care: A primary care physician (PCP) oversees all of our members’ health care, focusing on preventive care and customized treatment plans that reflect their unique circumstances.
  • Diverse referral options: Canopy Health’s alliance includes some of the most respected physicians and hospitals within the Bay Area. While members must have a PCP in one of our alliance’s medical groups and IPAs, they are not limited to referrals within that individual organization. Instead, a PCP can refer a member to any provider within our alliance of award-winning medical programs and renowned specialists.
  • Affordability: We strive to keep healthcare costs low through our high-quality alliance of physicians, proactive treatment plans, and a capitated payment structure.

Our Expansion Gives Providers Even More Referral Options 

More than one-third of Bay Area residents live and work in different counties and may want to seek care in multiple locations. The Canopy Health alliance is expanding in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties with three new network hospitals and one new IPA, including Good Samaritan HospitalRegional Medical Center of San JoseDignity Health- Sequoia Hospital, and Santa Clara County IPA (SCCIPA). This expansion will increase our alliance of providers in eight Bay Area counties.

Treating physicians can refer our members to specialists within these organizations, giving them increased access to specialty care where our members live and work, including:

These choices are in addition to our already impressive alliance of physicians. You can refer to our physician directory for a complete list of our PCPs, specialists, hospitals, and care centers.


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