Canopy Health Partnering with UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Advantage

Canopy Health is partnering with UnitedHealthcare to provide employers access to our expansive network by signing up for the SignatureValue Advantage product.

Canopy Health is excited to partner with UnitedHealthcare to provide employers access to our expansive network for 2018 by signing up for the SignatureValue Advantage plan.

What Is the SignatureValue Advantage Plan?

UnitedHealthcare’s SignatureValue Advantage plans offer the same great coverage as their other traditional HMO plans but with lower premiums. The primary difference is in the network ─ in this instance, Canopy Health.

Given that the Canopy Health network currently includes 4,000 providers working at 15 hospitals and 17 urgent care centers across 7 Bay Area counties, the term “narrow” doesn’t seem appropriate for what we offer our members. Yet, by definition, a narrow network is one that that includes 25% or less of the healthcare providers in a given region. The remaining 75% are out-of-network providers. However, even though narrow networks are perceived as being somewhat limited in scope, there are several distinct advantages.

Our providers are evaluated on many cost and quality factors, including preventive screenings, childhood immunizations, and member satisfaction. Members simply choose their primary care physician from the extensive Canopy Health network to manage their general care and can obtain a referral to see a specialist. This is a narrow network plan and is available for small and large group employers in California.

What Are the Advantages of a Narrow Network?

Employers want their employees to receive the care and coverage they need and deserve, but they want to do so in a responsible way that isn’t going to compromise their bottom line. This is where a narrow network HMO can be very helpful, as they typically reduce enrollee costs with less expensive premiums.

For families with lower incomes, these more affordable premiums are highly attractive. In fact, respondents in a recent Harris Poll cited lower monthly premiums as the most important feature of their health plan (including the number of hospitals within a network and the reputations of their physicians). In most narrow networks, members often receive exorbitant bills for receiving out-of-network treatment, but with Canopy Health’s commitment to honest, transparent care and coverage this isn’t something SignatureValue Advantage plan enrollees need to worry about.