Canopy Health: The Year in Review

2018 has been quite a year for Canopy Health. We expanded our service area and our executive team and even created a new app and portal to help our members achieve easier access to care and better health outcomes.

Canopy Health first received its restricted Knox-Keene license in 2015. Since that time, our single-provider high-performance network has grown into the largest in the Bay Area. We have built an expansive and efficient alliance of 5,000 providers, 18 hospitals, and dozens of urgent care centers across eight Bay Area counties — including Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma. In 2018, we made even more strides to make our network as effective, accessible, and transparent as possible for all our members and providers.

Keep reading to learn more about the incredible progress we made in 2018 and our mission to continue to improve in 2019 and beyond!

Our Recent Expansions Into the South Bay

In February of 2018, Canopy Health announced its intention to expand into the South Bay by adding three new hospitals and nearly 1,000 physicians to our alliance. These additions included the Good Samaritan Health System and two of its hospitals, Regional Medical Center of San Jose and Good Samaritan Hospital — both of which partner with the Santa Clara County IPA (SCCIPA). The expansion also included the addition of Sequoia Hospital and the Dignity Health Medical Network – Sequoia, which is now part of the Hill Physicians Medical Group (another medical group within the Canopy Health alliance).  

On June 22, the Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) approved the expansion. Extending our network into the South Bay allows Canopy Health to offer its members convenient access to healthcare in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

“Canopy Health is proud of its expanding alliance of top-rated hospitals and physicians,” said Canopy Health CEO Joel Criste in a statement. “The addition of Good Samaritan Health System and the physicians of Santa Clara County Individual Practice Association (SCCIPA), along with our expanding relationship with Dignity Health in San Mateo, gives our members even greater access to trusted hospitals and specialists. We believe this expansion will help our members’ wellness and facilitate improved health outcomes.”

The expansion into the South Bay solidified Canopy Health’s commitment to providing refreshingly clear, human care to the entire Bay Area.  It also gives our members simple, convenient access to our entire network of world-renowned physicians and hospitals.

Digital Advancements to Increase the Member Experience

Following over a year’s worth of research, design, development, and refinement, Canopy Health launched its new member app and portal on November 1, 2018. The MyCanopyHealth App and member portal provide our members with even greater access to our extensive network, allow them to preview their potential costs and weigh their year-to-date costs against their deductible, and enable video conferencing with respected clinicians via Video Visits.

These digital platforms are filled with helpful resources and features that are easy to access, simple to use, and streamline Canopy Health members’ healthcare experience. We created every component of the MyCanopyHealth and member portal with our members in mind. Each feature is all about convenient and transparent access to care and coverage, improving health literacy and understanding, and encouraging preventive care and wellness initiatives.

Some of the most helpful and useful features include:

  • Doctors and Services: Members can easily search for the right primary care physician, hospital, and urgent care center that best fits their needs. This feature also includes additional information about Canopy Health doctors and services, including languages spoken, contact information, and whether a PCP is currently accepting new patients.
  • Virtual ID Card: Members who have lost or forgotten their physical ID card when receiving care can pull it up through the member app or portal. Virtual ID cards are valid wherever members seek treatment, including via Video Visits. 
  • Benefits Summary: Members can conveniently access their coverage information by logging into the MyCanopyHealth App or member portal. 
  • Video Visits: Members dealing with minor health issues can video conference with an experienced clinician by utilizing the Video Visits feature in the app or portal. Video Visits give  members the option of receiving effective care, prescriptions, and even referrals through the Alliance Referral Program from the comfort of their home or office. 
  • Cost Estimator (Beta Version): Members who have been prescribed a treatment plan involving specialty care can view aggregate price ranges for shoppable treatments, such as an MRI or knee arthroscopy.
  • Deductible/OOP Accumulator: Members who want to weigh their year-to-date costs against their annual deductible can view those numbers, as well as the aggregate costs of potential services or procedures to determine if the price of those treatments will fail to meet or exceed their deductible. 

Building a Strong and Supportive Staff

This past year, Canopy Health brought on several new faces to fill important roles within our organization, but none more important than Michael Sheils and Adrian Nunn. We believe these individuals will be paramount in helping us achieve and exceed our goals in 2019 and beyond.

Michael Sheils

Michael Sheils was named Canopy Health’s chief financial officer on March 19, 2018, after spending over 15 years within the healthcare industry, including his most recent position as Blue Shield of California’s vice president of financial shared services. 

“Change is nonstop in healthcare finance, and Canopy Health leadership expects a finance team to plan and adapt for the future environment,” Mr. Sheils said at the time of his hiring. “I plan to create a finance culture that anticipates change and addresses it proactively.”

During his first nine months as CFO, Mr. Sheils worked diligently to build a culture of transparency, growth, affordability, profitability, and managed costs at Canopy Health and among our alliance partner provider systems, carrier plans, and vendors. He is committed to business innovation and transformation, and his efforts are advancing Canopy Health’s mission to serve our providers, our members, and the Bay Area as a whole. 

Adrian Nunn

Adrian Nunn joined the Canopy Health team in April of 2018 as a senior manager of strategic marketing. Mr. Nunn is a driven healthcare industry professional with significant experience in marketing strategy, business development, and physician relations. Prior to assuming his role with Canopy Health, he spent more than a decade working within the healthcare industry, including nearly three years as a strategic marketing consultant with UCSF Health.

Mr. Nunn is an extremely effective strategist and communicator who is working closely with Canopy Health’s marketing affiliates and business development team to create initiatives that promote Canopy Health, increase brand awareness, and inform Bay Area brokers, employers, residents, and providers of our mission to provide refreshingly clear, human care. At this point, he is busy pursuing Canopy Health’s membership goals for 2018 while creating an innovative marketing strategy that will catalyze further growth and expansion in 2019 and beyond. 

Canopy Health Clinicians Are Part of Something Exceptional

While we’ve made impressive strides over the past year, we believe the best is yet to come. We’re working on some incredible projects for 2019, and we hope you’re as excited as we are about our reinvention of Bay Area healthcare by providing refreshingly clear, human care to all our members.