Canopy Health’s Carrier Partners Have What Your Clients Need

Canopy Health’s carrier partners offer diverse, flexible plans that can accommodate all your clients’ needs. And once they choose a plan, they have our full network at the ready wherever they live, work, or play.

Canopy Health teams with two trusted, reputable carrier partners to deliver excellent care and coverage to all our members throughout our service area. These partners have produced flexible plans that create a wide range of options for your potential clients regardless of their price point, business size, or employee need. And once employees choose one of these plans, they have access to the full Canopy Health network of providers, medical groups, hospitals, and outpatient care centers wherever they live, work, or play. 

Keep reading to learn how these plans can benefit your clients and their employees, as well as how Canopy Health is reinventing healthcare in the Bay Area by providing accessible, transparent, and cost-effective care.


UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Advantage plans have the same great coverage as their traditional HMO plans but with a lower premium, and all SignatureValue Advantage plans include the Canopy Health alliance of clinicians, medical groups, hospitals, and urgent care centers. Its clinicians are evaluated on a series of 11 cost and quality measurements, including preventive health screenings, childhood immunizations, and member satisfaction.

Further, Canopy Health and UnitedHealthcare partner to coordinate Open Enrollment support as needed. UnitedHealthcare will provide relevant quotes, and their underwriting guidelines apply to all Canopy Health products.

Health Net

Large group employers can access Canopy Health’s expansive network through Health Net’s SmartCare and Enhanced Choice plans. SmartCare is a tailored network for companies with 101+ employees, while Enhanced Choice is a defined contribution program for companies with 101 to 500 employees.

Your clients can choose to offer as many as six Health Net plans, including:

  • SmartCare EOA
  • Full HMO
  • ExcelCare EOA
  • ExcelCare HMO
  • Salud
  • PPO (PPOs with or without HSA or HRA options)

Employees also can access numerous wellness programs and resources and the Healthy Rewards Program, which includes a $50 HRQ and wellness incentive.