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The Canopy Health Mobile App and Member Portal will soon offer one-stop access to all your healthcare needs — including the cost-estimator tool, telehealth, and daily wellness tips catered specifically to your needs.

At Canopy Health, we’re committed to our members’ experience and outcomes. We know that by improving your healthcare literacy and giving you access to accurate information, you’ll be able to maximize your health plan’s benefits and your personal health outcomes. We’re working hard to deliver online tools that will improve your health and wellness.

Learn more about our innovative tools and how they can improve your health and wellness!

Canopy Health Knows Our Members Need Easy Access to Their Healthcare Data

To make good healthcare decisions, you need easy access to your healthcare data. For example, suppose you were suffering from chronic knee pain. Your doctor says you could undergo a total knee replacement or try injections and physical therapy. While both treatment options have their pros and cons, there are numerous factors you need to consider.

You should also be asking yourself:

  • What will each process cost?
  • How much of the total bill will you pay?
  • Which option has the highest likelihood of a successful outcome?
  • Can you get high-quality care at a more cost-effective facility?

At Canopy Health, our mission is to deliver accessible, high-quality healthcare to the Bay Area. We can’t do this effectively unless we offer our members access to their health information, which will soon include the following features through the MyCanopyHealth app and Member Portal:

  • General health and wellness information and tips
  • Estimates of your out-of-pocket expenses
  • Tools that track your medical expenses and deductibles
  • Information about your health plan’s coverage
  • A searchable physician directory

Understand and Track Your Healthcare Costs

It’s difficult to find accurate information about healthcare costs. When you search online, you’ll find dramatically different price ranges, and it might be unclear whether these costs are out-of-pocket. However, it’s important to understand your potential out-of-pocket costs when you make healthcare decisions.

We’re excited to announce that Canopy Health members will soon have access to several powerful financial tools, including:

  • Cost-Estimator Tool: Will help members understand how much a procedure will cost at a Canopy Health facility.
  • Deductible Tracking: Will help members understand how much you must pay for your healthcare until your deductible kicks in.

When you have this powerful data, you can make healthcare decisions that are data-driven and thus more accurate.

Connect with Telehealth Professionals

Sometimes, people avoid healthcare because it seems inconvenient. Rather than rack up large medical bills at the emergency room for non-urgent care, Canopy Health members will soon be able to request a Video Visit on the MyCanopyHealth app and Member Portal.

Depending on your circumstances, a telehealth provider will examine you through a video feed, answer your questions, and make treatment recommendations. This might include sending prescriptions to your local pharmacy or referring you to your primary care physician or an emergency room for further care.  

The MyCanopyHealth App and Member Portal Are Easy to Download and Use

The upcoming MyCanopyHealth app and Member Portal will both be easy to understand and utilize. Members will be able to download the app on all major platforms, including the Apple and Android App Stores. Next, members can log in using your Member ID. Once you’re logged in, you will have full access to the mobile app’s powerful tools.