Saint Francis Memorial Hospital Houses the Largest Burn Unit in Northern California

The Bothin Burn Center is a 16-bed intensive care burn isolation unit that treats more than 500 burn victims each year with its own operating room and ultrasonic hydrotherapy technology.

Whether they’re caused by heat, chemicals, or electricity, serious burns can cause life-changing and threatening injuries. Burn patients frequently require intensive treatment — including surgeries, rehabilitation, and mental health support. Saint Francis Hospital’s Bothin Burn Center provides comprehensive treatment for burn patients at every stage of recovery.

Keep reading to learn more about this remarkable care center.

The Largest Intensive Care Burn Center in Northern California

The Bothin Burn Center is a 16-bed intensive care unit that delivers cutting-edge care to Bay Area burn patients. The center serves roughly 500 patients and their families each year. From critical care to rehabilitation, the center takes a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to care. It is the only dedicated burn center in San Francisco and the only American Burn Association and American College of Trauma Surgeons verified burn center in Northern California.

While the Bothin Burn Center has served Northern California’s burn patients for roughly 50 years, a $5 million expansion allowed the center to add six beds, improve its facilities, and implement cutting-edge technology in 2016. Today, the center takes up Saint Francis Hospital’s entire fifth floor and offers both inpatient and outpatient services.

Saint Francis Hospital is conveniently located on Nob Hill. In addition to the Bothin Burn Center, the hospital serves the diverse needs of San Francisco’s residents and tourist population. The hospital’s Center for Sports Medicine, Saint Francis Orthopedic Institute, Stroke Care program, and Center for Pain Management are recognized as top performers in the Bay Area. Additionally, Its acute rehabilitation and stroke rehabilitation programs are both certified by the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Cutting-Edge, Comprehensive Care for Burn Victims

Burn patients have special needs. The Bothin Burn Center boasts a remarkable array of services and technology that facilitate healing and recovery, including:

  • An independent ventilation system that minimizes potential airborne contamination
  • Carefully regulated temperature and humidity levels
  • A dedicated operating room for burn treatment
  • State-of-the-art life support, monitoring, and other technologies
  • Ultrasonic hydrotherapy for burn cleansing
  • A dedicated gym for burn patients
  • Outpatient burn care services
  • Specialized rooms and a play area for pediatric patients

The center aims to give every patient the most effective and comprehensive recovery possible and publicly celebrates its numerous success stories.

Holistic Care for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Severe burns can harm more than the body. They can impact your mental health, personal relationships, and long-term plans. For many burn patients, this emotional trauma is just as life-changing as their physical scars and injuries — if not more.

The Bothin Burn Center recognizes these deep impacts and tries to help burn patients recover after their trauma. To facilitate the healing process, patients work with a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, nurses, therapists, counselors, dieticians, and social workers. They also benefit from:

  • Access to the Nash Family Day Room, a space that enables comfortable and safe family visits during their recovery
  • Specialized care and hospital spaces for pediatric burn patients
  • Monthly burn support group meetings
  • Team-based rehabilitation services

The center’s programs have a singular purpose: Improving the overall health and wellness of burn patients. Its team of specially-trained providers understands this takes empathy, encouragement, and skilled medical care. The Bothin Burn Center also includes conference room space for professional development and patient education.