Your Employees Can Now Download the MyCanopyHealth Mobile App and Member Portal

These new digital features make Canopy Health even more accessible and simplify and improve the healthcare experience for all our members.

When your employees enroll in Canopy Health, they have access to our member portal and the MyCanopyHealth mobile app. Through MyCanopyHealth, members can access their healthcare information easily, research their treatment options, and view potential healthcare costs with our cost-estimating and telemedicine tools.

Easily Access Healthcare Information on our Member Portal and Mobile App

We’re constantly improving our members’ access to their healthcare information while doing our best to keep it safe and confidential. Now, our member portal and mobile app offer even more tools that ensure our members’ access to great healthcare and their health data.

Our members can use the MyCanopyHealth mobile app and member portal to:

  • Access their Virtual ID Card
  • Request a Video Visit with a skilled medical provider from the comfort of their home
  • Estimate the cost of common outpatient procedures with cost estimator tool
  • Search for physicians within the Canopy Health alliance
  • Get accurate health information and quick tips
  • Contact Canopy Health customer service

The MyCanopyHealth mobile app and member portal are free and can be accessed online and through your employees’ preferred app store. Once downloaded, the mobile app will prompt users to either input their existing Canopy Health login or create a new account. Now, the member will have full access to Canopy Health’s wide range of member tools.

Video Visits Make Healthcare More Accessible and Cost-Effective

It takes time and money to travel to-and-from a doctor’s appointment, and the cost of an ER visit for a non-emergency issue can be an unwanted surprise. Increasingly, your workforce is looking for healthcare solutions that help them avoid the emergency room or doctor’s office.

Canopy Health members can request Video Visits with an expert provider through the member portal and MyCanopyHealth mobile app. During a Video Visit, the physician will evaluate the member’s non-emergency conditions and will prescribe treatment or medication or refer them for in-person care, depending on their unique needs.

Video Visits offer your employees significant benefits:

  • They can access care from the comfort of their homes and offices
  • They do not need to schedule a Video Visit in advance
  • The service is available after traditional business hours
  • Video Visits are typically less expensive than a trip to the emergency room

Canopy Health Is Committed to Accessibility and Transparency

Access to care and transparency are two of Canopy Health’s core values. We believe that when we improve our members’ health literacy, give them access to quality care, and ensure they have accurate health information, everyone benefits. Members are empowered and make better health decisions. Employers see increased productivity and reduced healthcare costs. Physicians see fewer preventable health emergencies and can refer their patients to the best possible specialists.

As part of our mission to reinvent healthcare throughout the Bay Area, our remarkable alliance of physicians, hospitals, and care centers cover eight Bay Area counties. Many of our physicians and providers are multi-lingual, and they are all committed to treating our communities’ diverse populations. And because our physicians are accountable for their patients’ care, they are motivated to deliver high-quality patient education and emphasize preventive care and wellness programs.

Canopy Health is also committed to healthcare transparency. This means building tools that help our members track their deductibles, estimate their medical expenses, and fully understand their treatment options. Our member portal and the MyCanopyHealth mobile app’s Cost-Estimator and Video Visits tools are designed to help encourage more educated healthcare decisions.