Healing at Home: Skilled Home Health Care from Sonoma Valley Hospital

Healing at Home, a service of Sonoma Valley Hospital, provides compassionate and comprehensive care for homebound patients in Sonoma, Marin, and Napa Counties.

Healing at Home

Sonoma Valley Hospital’s nationally-recognized Healing at Home program is staffed with skilled nurses, social workers, and home health aides as well as physical, occupational, and speech therapists. The Healing at Home program is state-licensed and Medicare-certified, and the program has been recognized multiple times as a HomeCare™ Elite agency based on performance and outcomes. 

For patients to receive care from Healing at Home, their physician must place a care order based on a debilitating injury or illness. To learn more about ordering care for your patients, please call (707) 935-5135.

Excellent Services from Our Skilled Team

The Healing at Home program is staffed by a wide variety of medical professionals in order to meet the diverse needs of patients and their families. The Healing at Home staff works together to care for their patients, and they also work with family members and caregivers to create a care plan and educate them on how to execute it. 

Dr. Walter Prehn, MD, is the program’s medical director. Dr. Prehn is assisted by the Director of Sonoma Valley Hospital Home Health Services, Barbara Lee, RN, MSN. Together, they oversee the program, which provides the following services:

  • Nursing assistance to help manage pain, medication, wounds, and disease, and to provide assessments, education, IV therapy, enterostomal therapy, and nutritional counseling
  • Physical and occupational therapists to improve strength and safety in the home and to help with rehabilitation
  • Speech therapy for swallowing and speech difficulties
  • Medical social workers for counseling, assessment, referrals, and additional resources
  • Certified home health aides for personal care assistance

Nursing assistance is the foundation of the program, but these varied professionals and the services they provide enable Healing at Home to provide treatment and monitoring services that are both comprehensive and thorough, increasing patient satisfaction.

Payment Methods and Requirements

Patients may pay for Healing at Home with a variety of payment methods, including Medicare, Medi-Cal, private insurance, workers’ compensation, veterans’ administration, and self-pay. Healing at Home bills insurance sources directly, and the patient or their proxy will only receive a bill for costs that aren’t fully covered by insurance. Additionally, home care medical expenses are tax deductible in certain instances, which could benefit patients who are struggling financially due to their injury or illness. 

To qualify for the Healing at Home program, patients must be homebound (meaning it is difficult or impossible for the individual to leave the home without assistance) and must require nursing or rehabilitation services, as ordered by their physician. 

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