John Muir Health Exceeding Expectations for Business Wellness

John Muir Health has a robust workplace wellness team that partners with businesses to offer effective wellness programs for their employees.

If you’re concerned about your company’s healthcare costs, you should consider implementing a worksite wellness program through John Muir Health. These customized programs can help improve your employees’ health, increase their morale, and boost productivity. Learn more about how you can protect your employees and maximize your healthcare benefit investments with a worksite wellness program.

Worksite Wellness Programs Improve Productivity and Morale While Decreasing Healthcare Costs

There are many incentives for worksite wellness programs:

  • The United States spends trillions of dollars on healthcare each year. 
  • In 2018, healthcare costs are estimated to increase by 6.8%. 
  • Employers lose about $225.8 billion annually in lost productivity due to their employees’ health conditions. 

The majority of these losses are related to preventable health conditions, such as heart disease, alcohol and tobacco-related conditions, obesity, and diabetes. Other costly health conditions, such as cancer, can be more effectively treated when they are diagnosed early on. 

A worksite wellness program can help you build a culture of health at your company and reduce your employees’ stress levels. The programs typically focus on consistent health screenings, health education, and incentivizing lifestyle changes for employees. These activities can help employees identify and understand their health risks and empower them to make changes that improve their health and cut their healthcare costs.

While it can take several years to realize a positive return on investment, studies suggest well-designed workplace wellness programs can decrease your healthcare costs and productivity losses by 25-30%. Unfortunately, only 6.9% of employers reported the use of workplace wellness programs in a 2004 national survey.

John Muir Health Designs Customized Worksite Wellness Plans for Businesses of All Sizes

As part of its commitment to Bay Area health and wellness, John Muir Health assists employers of all sizes with the development and implementation of customized wellness programs. Depending on your company’s unique needs, your plan might include:

  • Health challenges
  • Health education and seminars that focus on:
  • Fitness
  • General health issues
  • Health fairs
  • Nutrition
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Stress management
  • Fitness testing
  • Online health questionnaires
  • Onsite immunization and health screening services

John Muir Health’s goal is to educate your staff, empower them with increased knowledge, identify their health risks, and help them avoid serious complications through preventive care and lifestyle changes. These modifications can also maximize your healthcare investments while improving your workplace productivity and morale.

Building a Worksite Wellness Program Is a Collaborative Process

Your workplace is unique. Rather than implement boilerplate solutions, John Muir Health takes a customized approach when they develop a workplace wellness program. Their multidisciplinary team of physicians, certified health educators, nurses, and registered dieticians pride themselves on their ability to build cost-effective and engaging wellness programs for small and large businesses alike.

When you work with John Muir Health, they will initially focus on identifying your company’s opportunities for improvement and your employees’ specific needs. This involves listening to your concerns, reviewing your company’s healthcare information, and identifying roadblocks that might hamper your wellness program’s success.

Next, they will set specific goals for your wellness program and build a plan that will help your employees improve their wellness and health literacy. This might involve a series of workplace health solutions focusing on education, health screening, and employee engagement. 

Once you have designed a worksite wellness program that works for your staff, the team at John Muir Health will help you implement it — giving you advice and assistance at every step. Just as importantly, John Muir Health will help you measure your program’s success and help you revise and modify your worksite wellness plan as needed. 

John Muir Health and Canopy Health: Improving Workplace Health Together

Canopy Health and John Muir Health are proud to partner with Bay Area employers, improving their health and wellness. Besides offering customized worksite wellness programs, John Muir Health is also part of our robust alliance of Bay Area physicians, hospitals, and care centers. Together, our goal is delivering refreshingly clear, human care to businesses and their employees across our entire service area. 


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