SCCIPA Is the Latest Addition to the Canopy Health Alliance

The latest addition to the Canopy Health alliance is the Santa Clara County IPA (SCCIPA), which includes 800 doctors providing care for 90,000 California residents.

Canopy Health is proud to announce that Santa Clara County IPA (SCCIPA) is joining our alliance of Bay Area physicians, hospitals, and medical facilities. For over 30 years, SCCIPA has delivered exceptional, coordinated medical care to people living and working in Santa Clara County. As part of the Canopy Health alliance, we believe it will positively impact even more Bay Area residents.

Canopy Health’s Expansion into Santa Clara County

In 2018, Canopy Health announced a significant expansion into Santa Clara County. Now, our members can seek treatment with the hundreds of primary care physicians and specialists within the SCCIPA network and receive care at either Good Samaritan Hospital or the Regional Medical Center of San Jose. Our growth reflects the needs of our growing membership — individuals and families who may work in one Bay Area county while living in other areas. 

SCCIPA’s Physicians Are Geographically and Culturally Accessible

As the county’s largest individual provider association (IPA), SCCIPA offers members access to more than 800 primary care physicians, hospitalists, and specialists. Their offices are conveniently located throughout Santa Clara County. The IPA also partners with Good Samaritan Hospital and the Regional Medical Center of San Jose. Canopy Health members also can seek treatment with our broader alliance of 5,000 physicians and 18 hospitals in eight Bay Area counties. 

SCCIPA is also doing its part to foster health and wellness for all of Santa Clara County. Studies show that underrepresented populations, such as non-English speakers, racial and ethnic minorities, and the LGBT community sometimes struggle to access appropriate healthcare. SCCIPA’s physicians, nurses, and other medical providers reflect their community’s diversity and speak 33 different languages, including Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

Members Benefit from Highly Coordinated Healthcare

SCCIPA was an early proponent of coordinated healthcare and physician accountability. A primary care physician (PCP) oversees members’ care — managing their chronic conditions, ensuring communication between physicians, and making appropriate referrals. 

The IPA describes itself as a “clinic without walls” due to its ability to coordinate diagnostic testing and lab work, and other procedures quickly within its network, using a secure Internet application that seamlessly shares patient data and makes referrals. Patients also benefit from a team of nurses and case managers who focus on improving healthcare outcomes and decreasing their patients’ out-of-pocket costs. 

Additionally, SCCIPA’s physicians have incentives for providing high-quality care. Its National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)-compliant Utilization Management Program encourages physicians to make appropriate, patient-focused treatment plans that minimize healthcare costs and focus on preventive care. This ensures patients receive an exceptional healthcare experience and high-quality care. 

SCCIPA’s commitment to quality was recognized in 2015, when it received the Integrated Healthcare Associations’ Ronald P. Bangasser, M.D., Memorial Award for Quality Improvement due to its significant advances in clinical quality, patient satisfaction, and information technology implementation.

Canopy Health and SCCIPA: Building a Healthier Bay Area Together

Together, Canopy Health and SCCIPA are striving to improve our members’ health and wellness in Santa Clara County and the rest of the Bay Area. We’re excited to offer our members the option of receiving treatment from SCCIPA’s primary care physicians and specialists. 


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