Learn More About Health Services from Hill Physicians

With almost 4,000 physicians and other healthcare providers, Hill Physicians is the largest network of independent physicians in Northern California.

Hill Physicians is one of the nine Bay Area healthcare providers that make up the Canopy Health network. With almost 4,000 physicians and other healthcare providers, Hill Physicians is the largest network of independent physicians in Northern California and one of the oldest medical groups in the area. Since its founding in 1984, Hill Physicians has established a sterling reputation as a leader and innovator in the field of managed healthcare.

Comprehensive Services to Support Your Health and Wellness

The California Office of the Patient Advocate consistently ranks Hill Physicians among the top medical groups in California in terms of clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, and Hill Physicians’ innovative services have played a key role in this success.

Comprehensive support services from Hill Physicians include:

  • Case management from experienced RN case managers to coordinate care, facilitate communication, and help you understand your health plan benefits.
  • Disease management to help you better understand and manage a health condition.
  • One-on-one pharmacy consultations over the phone to review your medications, including potentially dangerous interactions and cost-saving alternatives to current drugs.
  • Diabetes education for members who have been diagnosed with a diabetes-related condition.
  • Health coaching to help with self-management of certain chronic conditions.
  • Nutritional counseling from a personal nutritionist to assist with weight struggles or certain chronic conditions that require dietary changes.
  • Complementary medicine for certain conditions, including chiropractic and acupuncture treatments.
  • Online services that will give you access to the latest healthcare innovations for patients, including online health centers and a comprehensive health library.

Members can self-refer to many of these programs, or you can request a referral from your primary care physician.

Hill Physicians’ Mission and Vision

Hill Physicians operates according to a singular mission: to ensure the health and well-being of their patients and the communities in which they serve. This is achieved by renowned healthcare professionals working together to provide top-notch care through a coordinated system that offers:

  • Adherence to the highest medical standards
  • Personalized, timely, and effective services
  • Comprehensive coordinated care
  • Accountability
  • Preventive health and wellness services
  • Affordable, transparent care and service
  • Alternative health care options

Moving ahead into 2017 and beyond, their vision is to influence positive change in healthcare by shaping the way medicine is practiced to foster healthier, happier communities. Hill Physicians supports managed care and believes that reactive care is not in the best interest of their patients or their communities. Instead, they seek to provide proactive care that treats illnesses as they occur while also diagnosing early symptoms to prevent serious illness.