Marin General Hospital Actively Seeking Energetic Volunteers

Marin General Hospital is looking for compassionate and vibrant volunteers to fill a variety of different roles.

As spring approaches, are you itching to get out of the house and help your fellow Bay Area residents? In 2018, Marin General Hospital is looking for compassionate and vibrant volunteers to help fill a variety of different roles. Keep reading to learn more!

Marin General Hospital: A Long Tradition of Serving the Community

Volunteers are a fundamental part of Marin General Hospital. In 1950, a group of community women banded together to support the hospital’s construction. Two years later, Marin General Hospital opened its doors to patients and additional volunteers. Since then, tens of thousands of Marin County residents have volunteered their resources and more than 3 million total hours of service to the hospital.

Today, Marin General boasts a volunteer workforce of over 250 men, women, and teenagers who range from 16 to 90 years old. This group includes individuals from all walks of life: high school and college students, retired individuals, and professionals from numerous fields and all cultural and economic backgrounds. Regardless of your age or interests, Marin General believes that everyone has something unique to contribute. 

“Volunteers play an important role in areas of patient care, education and community outreach and are recognized as a vital component of the patient-focused, people-centered care for which Marin General Hospital is known,” says Regina Thomas, Manager of Volunteer Services. “The services they provide support the professional staff, freeing their time to provide the highest quality of patient care.”

Volunteering Opportunities with Marin General Hospital

Volunteering with Marin General Hospital is a great way to give back to your community and make lasting friends along the way. Almost every department offers volunteer opportunities. You can work directly with patients or lend a helping hand with administrative tasks behind the scenes. Volunteers stock supplies, greet visitors, and deliver books and magazines to inpatients and their families. If you are looking to interact with people, you can even volunteer at the gift shop or BabyNook store. (All the proceeds from these shops go directly to patient care and health education scholarships for staff and other volunteers.) To view a complete list of volunteer opportunities, please visit Marin General Hospital’s volunteer service areas webpage.

Volunteers are also an essential part of the hospital’s fundraising efforts. Its oldest volunteer fundraising branch, the “Raccoons,” hosts high profile fundraising events each spring and fall. It also promotes new and exciting relationships between the hospital and the community. All told, volunteer fundraisers have raised more than $5 million since 1950 to help foster and support patient care and scholarships. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Marin General Hospital, please email Regina Thomas at Once she executes a preliminary review, the following items are required:

  • Health clearance, including two tuberculosis screenings and proof of immunity to chicken pox, rubella, rubeola (measles),                 and mumps
  • Completion of the Marin General Hospital Orientation Packet
  • A final interview, including an ID badge photo and a uniform fitting

Then, you and Regina will work on a placement, scheduling, and in-service training. Please let her know of any special skills or interests you have, such as experience with computers or specific software, patient care, or retail. All volunteers are required to commit to a minimum of 100 hours of service and must be at least 16 years old to apply. To learn more about Marin General Hospital’s volunteer programs or to speak directly with Regina, please call (415) 925-7258

Canopy Health Is Proud to Partner with Marin General Hospital

As part of our mission to provide refreshingly clear, human care to the residents of the Bay Area, we proudly support Marin General Hospital, their deep-rooted community relationships, and the volunteers that help them continue to provide excellent care to everyone who walks through their doors.