The Canopy Health Network Continues to Expand in 2018

Canopy Health continues to expand and improve its Bay Area alliance in 2018. Learn how we’re improving our network and reaching more people.

Canopy Health is growing! We’re proud of our commitment to our Bay Area members and have worked hard to broaden and improve our services. Learn about Canopy Health’s newest developments and how we’re impacting Bay Area wellness.

Our Commitment to Refreshing, Human Care

Canopy Health was founded in 2015 as a refreshing, human-focused alternative to traditional healthcare systems. Unlike traditional healthcare plans, Canopy Health is owned by local physicians and hospitals, including UCSF Health, John Muir Health, Hill Physicians Medical Group, Muir Medical Group IPA, and Meritage Medical Network. We offer healthcare to Bay Area employers and focus on preventive care and wellness to improve patient outcomes.

In 2016, we received a limited Knox-Keene license — entering the market with one carrier partner and initially serving University of California employees and their dependents in the Bay Area. Since then, our focus on high-quality, cost-effective, and transparent healthcare has taken hold. We now offer a wide variety of healthcare plans through two carrier partners (Health Net and UnitedHealthcare) and serve numerous employers and organizations. 

From Day One, Canopy Health has viewed healthcare differently. We focus on patient outcomes, high-quality care, and open communication. This informs every move we’ve made, whether it is advocating for employee wellness, building relationships in Bay Area communities, or educating our members about wellness and healthcare systems. 

We are also a community of physicians and medical providers who are united in one goal: improving access to high-quality medical care in the Bay Area. Access is multifactorial in that it does not simply offer an exceptional alliance of physicians; it also involves educating members, employers, and brokers. We’re proud to say that Canopy Health is succeeding on all these elements.

Canopy Health’s Alliance Grows to Over 5,000 Physicians and Hospitals

Canopy Health’s alliance of exceptional medical providers has always been our hallmark. In 2018, our network has grown to nearly 5,000 Bay Area physicians and dozens of outpatient clinics and hospitals. Our newest additions to the Canopy Health team are the Santa Clara County Independent Practice Association (SCCIPA), Good Samaritan Hospital and the Regional Medical Center of San Jose, as well as Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital

This expansion brings Canopy Health’s alliance into Santa Clara County and broadens our reach in San Mateo County. Because we believe our members deserve high-quality medical care close to home, we’re exceptionally proud of this growth.

A Wider Range of Carrier Partners

In addition to Health Net, Canopy Health added UnitedHealthcare to its roster of carrier partners in 2017. Canopy Health members can now choose from:

Our partners offer a wide array of plans including Canopy Health — including both small and large-group plans. 

Focusing on Customer Service and Transparency

Transparency has always been one of our core values. It’s virtually impossible to make good healthcare decisions if you don’t understand the costs and benefits associated with each of your options. We believe members deserve information about the cost and quality of care that is both accurate and easy to understand.

We are strengthening our commitment to open communication by creating improved customer service systems and a new Canopy Health mobile app that will educate members about the costs related to their care among other interactive features.

Preparing for the Future

Our alliance is already on the cutting edge of healthcare. Our network includes regionally- and nationally-recognized medical facilities at the forefront of medical research and patient care. Additionally, many of our hospitals are undergoing a construction boom — improving their facilities and making room for new medical technologies.

At Canopy Health, we’re also preparing for the future. We’re working on ways to reach more people, improve their healthcare outcomes, and create a healthier and happier Bay Area.