The MyCanopyHealth Mobile App and Member Portal Improve the Canopy Health Experience

All Canopy Health members have access to the new MyCanopyHealth mobile app and member portal. These platforms allow consumers to preview potential healthcare costs, conduct virtual medical visits from the comfort of their home, and even create Virtual ID cards

Canopy Health is proud to offer the MyCanopyHealth mobile app and member portal. We think the interface is intuitive and we’re excited for feedback from the broker community as we continue to develop and improve it.

Our two new platforms were created with user experience in mind and are designed with features that help our members better manage their healthcare within the Canopy Health alliance and our carrier partners.

Keep reading to learn how we’ve improved your potential and future clients’ access to refreshingly clear, human care!

Virtual Features Available Through the MyCanopyHealth Mobile App and Member Portal

Once Canopy Health members have chosen a health plan through one of our three carrier partners, they can then select a primary care physician (PCP) from our extensive network of nearly 5,000 providers, giving them access to the entire Canopy Health alliance of hospitals and care centers. Through our Alliance Referral Program, members can work with their PCP to request referrals to respected and distinguished specialists from any of our top-rated medical groups.

In addition, members can download the MyCanopyHealth mobile app or create an account on their desktop web browser by visiting the member portal to access powerful digital tools. These tools include the following:

Members can research and find the right primary care physicians, hospitals, and urgent care centers based on their specific needs. The Doctors & Services Search tool also provides additional details about Canopy Health clinicians and facilities — such as languages spoken, medical group, contact information, and whether a PCP is accepting new patients.

Virtual ID Card:

Rather than having to rely on a hard copy of their Canopy Health ID, members can pull up the MyCanopyHealth mobile app on their tablet or smartphone and use their Virtual ID Card when visiting their PCP, specialist, Canopy Health affiliate hospital, or outpatient care center.

Benefits Summary:

Insurance plans can be complicated, but Canopy Health members can easily access the essential details of their health plans and coverage at their convenience by logging into the MyCanopyHealth mobile app or member portal.

Video Visits:

If members are dealing with a seemingly minor health issue (like a sore throat, fever, or twisted ankle), they can virtually consult with a medical provider through the MyCanopyHealth mobile app to assess their symptoms and determine next steps. Visit summaries are automatically shared with the member’s PCP, and the medical histories are stored in a private and secure dashboard in the MyCanopyHealth mobile app and member portal.

Cost Estimator Tool (Beta):

When a specialist recommends a common procedure, like an MRI or knee arthroscopy, a member can use Canopy Health’s Cost Estimator tool, which provides estimates for many common services and procedures performed within our network. We aggregate these figures with our alliance partners to provide a close estimate of costs regardless of where they seek treatment or which physicians they visit.

Out-of-Pocket Accumulator:

Members who want to know their out-of-pocket costs can log into the MyCanopyHealth mobile app or member portal to track out-of-pocket costs and payments until their plan deductible kicks in. This helps them prepare to pay for the service, avoid surprises, and gain greater peace of mind throughout their healthcare journey.

All the new digital resources empower members with information about their health plan, estimated health costs, and easy access to providers through Video Visits.

In addition to the features previously mentioned, the MyCanopyHealth mobile app and member portal will provide tips for improving health and wellness, as well as blogs and infographics about health literacy and education, industry trends, and news about the Canopy Health network and our alliance and carrier partners.

The Canopy Health Member Journey

We believe Canopy Health members deserve an educational and engaging user experience that uses multiple platforms and media. It should encourage them to interact with their network at vital touchpoints throughout the healthcare continuum. We also know that creating a useful platform isn’t enough. We have to encourage individuals and families to actually use the tools to improve their health and wellness.

One way we’re attempting to do this is by working closely with brokers and employers to emphasize our commitment to providing an easy, convenient, and effective healthcare journey for all our members — and constantly optimizing and improving our efforts to do so.

Canopy Health Has the Tools Your Clients Need to Lead Healthier, Happier Lives

Canopy Health is reinventing healthcare in the Bay Area by providing refreshingly clear, human care, and the digital tools and resources that guide the member journey will propel us toward achieving our established goals of creating a more convenient, cost-effective, accessible, and transparent healthcare experience.