Canopy Health’s Proud of Our Successes in 2018 and Excited About Our Plans for 2019 and Beyond

Canopy Health enjoyed significant network expansion in 2018, as well as the launch of our new member portal and the MyCanopyHealth app. After such a successful year, we’re excited to keep growing and reinventing healthcare in the Bay Area.

In 2015, Canopy Health received a Knox-Keene license from the California Department of Managed Health Care. Nearly four years later, we are now proud to say we are the Bay Area’s largest single-provider high-performance network.

Through aggressive but thoughtful expansion strategies, we’ve grown our alliance to include 5,000 providers, 18 hospitals, and dozens of outpatient care centers across eight Bay Area counties — Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma. In 2018, we continued our expansion into the South Bay, making our network of hospitals, medical groups, and providers even more convenient, accessible, and transparent for all our members.

Keep reading to learn more about our expansion efforts, the release of the new MyCanopyHealth app and member portal, and even some significant additions we made to our staff in 2018.

Canopy Health Expands Further Into the South Bay

This past February, Canopy Health announced plans to expand our alliance further into the South Bay with the addition of three new hospitals and just under 1,000 physicians to our network. The expansion included two Good Samaritan Health System hospitals (Regional Medical Center of San Jose and Good Samaritan Hospital) — both of which are partnered with the Santa Clara County IPA (SCCIPA). We also added Sequoia Hospital to our alliance, as well as the Dignity Health Medical Network – Sequoia, which has since been acquired by Hill Physician Medical Group (another Canopy Health medical group).   

In June, the Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) officially approved the expansion, empowering us to provide our members in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties with tremendous access to some of the best hospitals and providers in the Bay Area. 

“We are extremely excited about Canopy Health’s recent growth. Receiving approval from the DMHC for this latest expansion extends our reach throughout the Bay Area and allows us to provide more members with even better care from some of the most respected medical groups and hospitals in the state of California,” said Joel Criste, Canopy Health CEO. “More choice means more competition, which results in improved care systems and better patient outcomes overall.”

Our expansion into the South Bay reinforces our dedication to reinventing healthcare in the Bay Area through refreshingly clear, human care. It also gives our members simple, convenient access to our growing alliance of skilled physicians and respected hospitals. 

Canopy Health Offers an Unparalleled Member Experience

In November, we announced the launch of the new MyCanopyHealth app and member portal and held an exclusive webinar for Bay Area brokers and employers to explain how these platforms work to improve the Canopy Health member experience. The launch of these platforms represented the culmination of more than a year of exhaustive research, design, development, and refinement — all with the singular purpose of providing easier access to our network and more effective care for all our members.

These tools are full of useful features that are simple to use and allow our members to preview potential costs, review year-to-date costs and compare those costs against their deductible, and even facilitate real-time video conferencing with top providers through the Video Visit application.

Our product development team created each feature within the MyCanopyHealth app and member portal with the end user in mind, and both platforms are all about ease of use, convenience, security, and efficiency. Our goal is to encourage utilization, empower members to better understand their care and coverage, and to take advantage of preventive care and wellness initiatives.

 Here are just a few of the more helpful features available in the new app and portal:

Doctors and Services: All members can use the Doctors and Services feature to find the right PCP, hospital, or urgent care center based on their unique needs, location, and schedule. They can also view extra information about Canopy Health providers, such as languages spoken and whether the doctor is accepting new patients.

Virtual ID Card: To help members who have lost or forgotten their physical ID card, the MyCanopyHealth app and member portal include functionality that allows members to pull up their Virtual ID card whenever or wherever they receive care, including Video Visits. 

Benefits Summary: Regardless of how simple or complex an insurance policy is, we all have trouble understanding our coverage occasionally. The Benefits Summary feature provides our members with all the information they need to understand and utilize their care and coverage.  

Video Visits: While telehealth has been around for decades, video conferencing functionality has increased member utilization significantly in recent years. With the Video Visits feature, all members struggling with minor-to-moderate health issues can log in to the MyCanopyHealth app and member portal to consult with an experienced physician from the comfort of their home. Members can even receive a specialist referral from their consulting provider through our Alliance Referral Program.  

Cost Estimator (Beta Version): When Canopy Health members are prescribed a treatment plan or procedure, they can browse shoppable treatment costs through the Cost Estimator feature to determine whether they can afford the procedure based on their coverage.

Deductible/OOP Accumulator: The Deductible and Out-Of-Pocket Accumulator empower members to review their year-to-date costs against their deductible to better understand how much financial flexibility they have when they’re injured or become sick. They can use this feature in tandem with the Cost Estimator feature to get an accurate look at which options make the most sense based on their unique needs.

Building a Strong and Supportive Staff

In addition to our expansion into the South Bay and the launch of the MyCanopyHealth app and member portal, we also improved our internal staff with two key hires in 2018. New CFO Michael Sheils and new senior manager of strategic marketing Adrian Nunn are two individuals who are helping us continue to fulfill our mission of providing refreshingly clear, human care throughout the Bay Area in 2019 and beyond.

Michael Sheils

On March 19, 2018, Canopy Health named Michael Sheils as our new chief financial officer. Mr. Sheils has spent nearly 20 years working in the healthcare industry and most recently served as the vice president of financial shared services for Blue Shield of California.

“Canopy Health’s simplified, advanced payment model and shared risk contracts inherently increase provider awareness and cost transparency for consumers,” Mr. Sheils says. “As Canopy Health’s CFO, my goal is to enable cost and pricing transparency while fostering trust with our providers, patients, employers, and payers.”

During his first nine months as CFO, Mr. Sheils worked diligently to build a culture of transparency, growth, affordability, profitability, and managed costs at Canopy Health and among our alliance partner provider systems, carrier plans, and vendors. He is committed to business innovation and transformation, and his efforts are advancing Canopy Health’s mission to serve our providers, our members, and the Bay Area as a whole.   

Adrian Nunn

Adrian Nunn was named Canopy Health senior manager of strategic marketing in April of 2018. He has significant experience as a marketing strategist, particularly as it pertains to business development and provider relations. Before joining our team, Mr. Nunn spent nearly 15 years working in the healthcare industry and most recently spent three years as a strategic marketing consultant with UCSF Health.

Already, Mr. Nunn has proven to be an extremely effective strategist and communicator, working to develop new campaigns and focusing on building out our membership throughout the Bay Area. He works closely with our director of business development to create resources and materials that help brokers, employers, and members better understand the benefits and utilization of the Canopy Health alliance.

Currently, Mr. Nunn is working diligently to exceed our 2018 membership goals while also developing an exhaustive and efficient marketing strategy that will catalyze further growth and expansion in 2019 and beyond.

Canopy Health Clinicians Are Part of Something Exceptional

We’re extremely proud of the advances we made in 2018, but we know the best is yet to come. We’re already working on some impressive and exciting projects for the coming year, and we know you’re going to be amazed by what we’re developing and how we’re continuing to reinvent healthcare in the Bay Area.