Alameda Health System: Compassionate Care from the Start

Alameda Health System has been caring for residents of the East Bay since 1864, and they continue to adapt to the evolving healthcare needs of this diverse community.

Alameda Health System (AHS) has been caring for residents of the East Bay since 1864, and they continue to adapt to the evolving healthcare needs of this diverse community today. Their mission is to care, to heal, to teach, and to serve all ─ promoting wellness and health while eliminating any disparities in access to quality care.

The History of Alameda Health System

Initially known as Alameda County Infirmary, Alameda Health System was founded in 1864. During the 1920s, it became the Fairmont Hospital, which gained a reputation as the first public rehabilitation facility in the West. In 1927, Highland Hospital opened and pioneered its own nursing school.

Later, the ‘60s ushered in a new approach to care, and current-day AHS affiliates began opening fully-staffed neighborhood-based medical clinics focused on wellness and preventive care. In 1992, the John George Psychiatric Hospital opened, and the various hospitals and clinics consolidated to form what is now known as the Alameda Health System.

Today, AHS is an integrated network of five hospitals, including the recently added San Leandro and Alameda hospitals, as well as four wellness centers. In all, AHS employs 4,500 individuals, including more than 1,000 doctors, and has a total of 800 patient beds.

Recent Awards and Distinctions

The hospitals and care centers within the Alameda Health System have a long and distinguished history of excellence, including numerous awards and distinctions. Recently, Highland Hospital was designated a Level 1 Trauma Center by the American College of Surgeons and received a “Baby Friendly” designation from the World Health Organization and UNICEF.

Meanwhile, Alameda Hospital has received recognition for providing excellent care to stroke victims, including a certification from the American Stroke Association as a Primary Stroke Center and the “Get with the Guidelines” Stroke Gold Plus Quality Award from the American Heart Association.

In addition, five Alameda Health System physicians have received special recognition for their exemplary work:

Oakland Magazine’s Best Doctors

  • Dr. Alden Harkin (Dept. of Surgery)
  • Dr. Ken Schneider (Dept. of Pathology)
  • Dr. Evan Seevak (Dept. of Ambulatory and Preventive Medicine)

Quality Leaders Award Honorable Mention

  • Dr. Indhu Subramanian (Dept. of Medicine) as well as our sepsis team

2012 Emergency Medicine Clinical Pathology Case Competition Winner

  • Dr. Charlotte Wills (Dept. of Emergency Medicine)

Alameda Health System’s Commitment to Excellence

Alameda Healthy System is committed to providing care that meets the needs of their patients and their patients’ families. They support them in making sound choices for their sustained health and wellness in order to prevent future illness or other maladies.

AHS values the diverse communities of the East Bay and is dedicated to serving everyone, regardless of social or financial barriers. To support this mission, they work diligently to collaborate and interface with fellow community institutions and agencies and provide public education as to the long-term benefits of healthier lifestyles. Their model of health care leadership states:

  • Other health systems support the community — we are the community.
  • Other health systems commit to care — we live the promise of community health.
  • Other health systems provide care — we educate and enable people to better care for themselves.
  • Other health systems heal — we train, teach and lead.
  • Other health systems serve some ­­— we serve all.

Above all, Alameda Health System is focused on building trust and providing their patients with a safe and comfortable healthcare experience. This means eliminating errors, following best practices, treating patients with respect, and considering each patient’s diverse and comprehensive needs. It also means empathetic and timely nursing care, appropriate and heartfelt bedside manner from our physicians, clean and comfortable hospitals and clinics, and a welcoming environment.

Canopy Health Is Proud to Team with Alameda Health System

The Alameda Health System is an integral part of the Canopy Health network. With thousands of skilled and experienced primary care physicians and specialists working at dozens of hospitals, urgent care centers, and outpatient offices across the Bay Area, Canopy Health members receive great care and comprehensive coverage wherever they and their families live, work, and play.